Screen Doors & Bare Feet

I keep having these great ideas for posts & then I forget what they were by the time the page loads- I don’t even want to get into all the posts I’ve ‘written’ in my head on the drive to & from work- only to have them disappear before I could get to the computer-sit down & write.

I guess that’s what the voice memo recorder on my MP3 player might be useful for. But I’d feel like the FBI agent in Twin Peaks if I drove around talking into my MP3 player. Someone told me some tv channel was showing Twin Peaks again. I have mixed emotions as to whether I’d want to watch it over again or not. At the time it was fascinating- I was into it- my parents were into it- we discussed it often. I’m not sure- since I know the story & what happens now- whether it would hold the same allure in a second viewing- especially the weirder aspects of it.

With the warmer weather bug season comes in. As soon as we got home the other day 18 opened the back door to try to get some of the warmer air outside into the house- with the warmer air came the flies- I hate flies. We don’t have a storm or screen door on the back door- it didn’t make it through our first winter here in VA- an ice storm broke it- the back door faces West & the weather comes at it all day long- The ice built up on the door & ripped it off the hinges.

I know I could buy a lightweight simple screen door for the back door for about $30. which isn’t much. However I know theres too much expanse of screen in a door like that for it to last long with 8- 11 & the cats all in & out & climbing on it all day every day. So I would have to consider it a one summer solution. I hate the idea of a $30. screen door as disposable. The other option & the one I should take- is to buy a decent screen/storm door. I could probably get an ok one for about $130. Which means either spending some of the Stimulus money for one or coming up with another way of getting that much spare money together.

The stimulus money is the vacation fund this year so I’m loathe to spend it- I plan on not spending any of it at all (except to pay the deductible on the insurance repairs- I’ve got most of that money already- it’s just a matter of using a little stimulus money to fill in) So getting a real storm/screen door is not an optimal idea. Then there’s the fact that I don’t think I can get a door in my car- especially not with the kids along for the ride- which means asking the ex since he’s the only one I know with a truck- to help out. We can’t have that. I’m not willing to ask the ex for the time of day just lately.

Not since the shoe episode. You see- a few weeks ago when the kids went to their Grandma’s to visit with the ex overnight he took them out to C’Burg & bought them shoes- I had just purchased sneakers for 8 a few weeks before this but in 8’s inimitable style he was wearing an old pair of work boots which were 11’s & Chrissea’s daughters before they were his & were ripped & too big so ‘dad’ decided he needed a smaller pair which would fit.

11’s sneakers were about 5 months old & rather dirty – especially- she confessed to me later- after his GF’s daughter & she went messing around near Grandma’s pond- so ‘dad’ got her a pair of sneakers. 11 explained to me as soon as I arrived home the next night that dad said he was ”gonna kill your mother ’cause she buys you shoes that are too big for you” & bought her a pair of size 7 sneakers. The sneakers she had were size 8s. Which- when I took her to get them- she said fit well & she liked.

So a week after the visit from saint dad I noticed 11 wearing her old sneakers & I asked why- well it turns out those size 7 sneakers which dad said would fit don’t fit- hurt her feet & she doesn’t like them. It figures- when questioned a little more in depth I found that 11 has 2 different size feet & that the smaller one is fine in a 7 but the larger one doesn’t like it & is very uncomfortable in the size 7 sneakers. Game- Set & Match.

I have big feet- 18 has big feet- my mother’s & grandmother’s feet were not small either. I am unsurprised that 11 is comfortable in a size 8 shoe at 11years & 11 months of age. The ex always despaired of my feet (among other things – many other things- my clumsiness- my sensitivity- my dislike of tv & sports especially- I did learn to like hockey for him though- something that survived after our divorce) I’m sure my large feet are a contributing factor to my dislike of high heeled shoes (the clumsiness adds to that one too)

My Grandmother always said my feet were large & wider than normal because I went barefoot all the time- something about unconfined feet spreading out- I’m not sure I believe that one but it certainly would explain a lot!


3 thoughts on “Screen Doors & Bare Feet

  1. Ahh I remember my grandmother telling me the same thing about going barefoot. It must have been a big thing back in their day. I would kill for barefoot right now but I’m afraid I’m in casts on both feet for the next few weeks, or months. The tendons in both feet ripped so I’m pretty confined for now. Hopefully, I will be free of all casts when you come in July!!

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