Wednesday Wondering

The day has certainly flown – I was woken up by my phone this morning just before 9 am- someone calling from an 800# but because of the new phone- I didn’t know that- you see I use ring tones to tell me who’s calling & I’d only picked out one on the new phone- I’m a little obsessive about music & so had decided though I’d already spent the money to get 6 ring tones & had already made a big wish list- that I wasn’t going to just pick & choose them at whim but instead make ‘serious decisions’ about what songs to choose- I sat down & made a list of the tones I’d used on my past 3 phones (2 LG 6100’s of which 18 has the second in use still & the first Kyocera slider which lost all audio & voice functions- I could text just fine but if I called anyone I couldn’t hear them & they couldn’t hear me)

Only the one 18 has is available to me to see what songs are on it so I spent a few days trying to remember & write down the ring tones I’d had before (I said I was obsessive about it!) Twice I’ve had Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve- Twice I’ve had What I got by Sublime- other than that I’ve had no repeats- I had forgotten that I had Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie on the Phone that is 18’s now & that I had Wish You were Here by Incubus on my first phone- it came to me this morning- some songs I’ve chosen in the heat of a moment & been sorry afterwards- Photograph by Nickelback is one I’d never choose again & so is The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars. I’m heartily sick & tired of them both.

So this morning because I was irritated at actually picking up the phone to see that it was no one I wanted to talk to I settled in to decide on ringtones- I did duplicate a few-
♥What I got by Sublime is one of my all time favorite songs & it makes me happy so I chose that one for friends.
♥Keep Away by Godsmack- while it’s one of my favorite songs is also perfect for businesses I’d rather not hear from- like the loan company that my second mortgage is through- they are pushy about calling & trying to convince me to take other services etc- they just don’t take no for an answer.
♥ Under pressure by Queen & David Bowie- I decided to get that one again because it’s such a cool song & it’s good for the doctors office- the construction company who is supposed to be working on my roof & the other tree damage.
♥Hate Me by Blue October- another one of my favorites- though it makes me think of my ex- so he & everyone associated with him for good or bad – like his mom- who I like just fine- gets that one.
Remedy by the Black Crows- I just like this song- so I’m using it for family in general.
♥Life is beautiful- I like to know when it is 18 or her BF on the phone so the two of them get their very own ringtone- because I hear from 18 more than anyone else it has to be something I like- she’s been Clocks by Coldplay & I Miss You by Blink 182 most recently- but I didn’t want to hear Miss You anymore because I love that song & I don’t always want to associate it with 18.

Yeah. Obsessed with music– I told you- ring tones- music on my MP3 player-none on the phone still though- something is still wrong about the MP3 player on the phone- same chip- second phone & the phone still reboots when I try to use the MP3 function- of course that tells me that it’s probably a compatibility issue on the chip itself- they said nothing larger than 512MB (which I’m told- is pretty darn small anyway) & so I got a 512MB chip & it still reboots. Probably it’s more like it’s got to be even smaller than 512MB.

I was ok with the fact that 18 text messaged me to ask me to come get her (as normal- I was expecting it) But then when I went & got her at 1pm- she mentioned her friend Av was coming over- Av lives on the other side of the county & goes right by the High School on his way to our house so why did she make me come get her??

She thinks I’m wrong to be irked- with gas at $3.49 a gallon around here (yes- I know it’s higher in many other places) & a 22 mile round trip to town- well I am irked! And I didn’t even get to wash my car because the dollar changer at the laundromat wasn’t working & neither 18 or I wanted to go deal with the guy at the auto parts store to get change (that’s the place where they broke the sparkplug off in the P.T. Cruiser’s engine) I don’t frequent the place at all anymore but their car wash is about the only one in town.

I told her I won’t come get her tomorrow because I’m not happy or comfortable with the idea of being expected to drive 22 miles every day I’m home just because she’s too fidgety to sit through a study hall! She was displeased to say the least & embarrassed me in the local store where we stopped to get gas- especially since a sort of co-worker was in there (we work in the same building- not in the same area though & have a nodding acquaintance)

Ah well there are worse things- The rest of the day has been quite nice actually- 11 came home from school while I was still reading blogs- an hour later we had to go get 8 at school where he is still in remediation. 11’s was canceled today due to the teacher having something else to do- we went to the store & the post office & came home to get the chicken ready to go in the oven. Probably the last chicken roast I’ll do before September- the oven heats up the house too much in summer & I try to cook stove top meals only during the warm part of the year.

It wasn’t all that warm today- about 60- but after 5 days of off & on rain it felt warm! The kids had left laundry on the line during the rain- I asked them to get it off the line Friday while I was making dinner but the didn’t & it was raining by the time I had time to go get it myself- an extra rinse is how I look at that- all except about 5 things which were in the center of the front line which hung low enough that the rain had kicked up mud onto them- they’ll have to be re-washed- sigh.

Once the chicken was in the oven I took myself out to the hammock to practice my favorite 3 r’s- rest-read & relax. That wasn’t to be though- No sooner than I’d sat down & swung my feet up onto the hammock- I found that it was way too sunny- the way the hammock is hung this year you can’t sit in it comfortably the other way so I tucked my book under me & decided to take a little snooze in the sun- I had about 2 minutes of rest & then mr 8 bowled into the hammock with ms 11 not far behind.

They got into the hammock with me & we swung & talked for awhile- discussing our plans for vacation this year- it will just be the two of them & me- I have been making lists while at work & discussed some of my ideas with them. Mr 8 is all for another aquarium visit- I was thinking the science museum because they’re going to be a little too old awfully soon & even the most jaded-cool-grouchy teenager can’t resist the aquarium – so I’ll save it for when they’re older & snarly.

Finally the sun went down enough that I could read & the kids – as kids will- lost interest in swinging with me & left me to read- about 30 minutes later the sun had gone down enough that I got cold (I did mention that it only got to about 60 today didn’t I?) So I came in & waited around with the kids for dinner – as usual- the dishes are still waiting for me. 18 wanted a shower tonight so I held off on doing them- especially since I’d already done a load of laundry earlier today.

Our water flow is a little better just today- probably because of the nearly 5 days of intermittent rain we had. The week before we were hard put to do dishes and have just 1 person take a shower in the same day- terrible you say- well yes- but 18 doesn’t always cook- sometimes they just have frozen pizzas or other frozen meals & at least one of those nights I was home & we went out to eat- so holding off on dishes for a day is not the hardship it might be if we were making 5 course meals.

I was reflecting that though I’m going to miss 18 & the BF when they move this summer that cutting the household from 5 to 3 will maybe give the well some time to catch up & fill so that we’re not always running it dry & having to wait for it to build up overnight before anyone can shower – especially if someone’s visiting who we’re embarrassed to explain the ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow- if it’s brown flush it down’ system of toilet flushing we’ve been on for about the last year.

Of course- you notice I say I’m hoping to have the well catch up & fill. I don’t really expect that it will stay that way forever- I realize that when you’re dealing with young adults like 18 & the BF that you have to adopt a revolving door policy when it comes to moving out & moving back in. My only hope is that by the time they have to move back in I will have the garage walled & the wall I want to build out there to make a room in 2/3 of the garage finished so they can move in there & I can have 11 & 8 upstairs & not have to rearrange rooms.

I’m dedicated to having 8’s room become a spare room & hope to find a way to get a daybed-couch type thing for the room along with another tv & satellite receiver for the room- also more space for bookshelves if that room becomes a family room type room!

Had pictures of us in the hammock to post but WordPress is being glitchy I’ll try to put them up tomorrow.


One thought on “Wednesday Wondering

  1. I’m a new member of the pagan blogger 365 and I’m out visiting some of the pagan bloggers now.

    Sounds like you are a busy person.
    At this time I got a few project going now but today I’m focusing on our strawberry bed.

    Last time I went to town gas was at 3.59 a gallon and I just always around off to $3.60.

    My blog is always open stop by sometime.

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