Bookshelves Meme

I’ve seen this one multiple places & thought it would be fun to do.

Every morning I get up & look at my book cases- And think I should straighten them up a bit sometime!

Forward into the living room- I moved the chair which is usually in front of the bookshelves for this picture.

The other side of the secretary desk is more bookshelves- except for that pesky fuse box behind the lamp I’d like to fill this side with full shelves too someday- not sure how to get around that fuse box though!

Mr 8’s room is a pit as usual- I know someone said that organized bookshelves are a sign of a disturbed mind but I’m not sure who- undoubtedly they were talking about mr 8’s room though. I’ll get to it eventually.

18 has a bookshelf back there- but many of the books are from my shelves- I suggest one to read- she takes it & puts it on her shelf but rarely ever actually reads them! Note to self- pull your books off the shelf before she moves out in July or August.

11’s room was too much of a pit & because she’s in the process of rearranging it the desk is in front of her bookshelf so it’ll have to pass- too bad because she has the majority of the childrens books in her room.


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