Spring Cleaning

I was determined- as I said last night- to clean house today. 18 woke me up at 7:40 this morning to ask me to come get her at 1 from school & I agreed on the condition that she would come home & help me clean. She agreed cheerfully because she’s that sort of person- she likes to clean.

I think a spotless house is a sign of a bored person or one who doesn’t have enough to do in their lives! But that’s just me. I slept in & when I got up I got the computer up & running right away because I knew once I went to get 18 I wouldn’t touch it again for awhile. I did strip my bed- open the windows- sort out the laundry & pick up a little in the living room. I did write all my bills out & I had a nasty surprise too- earlier in the month I had received my loan bill & it didn’t show a recent payment I’d sent so I called & their automated system said they had received the payment & that I was up to date so I assumed I was up to date – I’d been behind for a few months & when I got the extra money from the ex’s tax refund I paid 2 payments back to back.

When I came across this bill today I put it aside & then thinking about it I decided to call because I still felt like it wasn’t right- I knew I’d been late for February & then March- but I didn’t feel like I’d paid the April bill too. So I called & navigated their voice response system & sure enough I had a payment due. AUGH! This was not something I expected to be paying right now. It’s going to mess up the payment of the deductible on the house repairs – though since they haven’t even come up to start work I guess I’ll have a few weeks to make the money back…sigh.

As usual-once I sat down at the computer it was all over- before I knew it the alarm on my cell phone was ringing & I had to leave to make it to town & pick up 18. We stopped at the store for milk & I bought her a tea & myself a snack & a soda & a juice- I’d been waiting all day for that Sobe- I expect them now that they stock them in the machine at work- the 4 days I work I have one every day & not having them on my days off is beginning to annoy me.

Back home 18 & I cleaned the kitchen- originally we were going to start in the kitchen but the floor around the trash barrel etc was so bad that I got down & scrubbed the edges on my hands & knees & we ended up spending about 3 hours in there- by that time 11 & 8 had arrived & we sent them to get started on the garage & joined them in there after I got dinner in the oven.

While dinner was finishing up we went to the dumpsters with trash bags & the store for applesauce- because somehow I bought a pork roast but no applesauce – I actually think the kids ate the applesauce- but it’s possible I forgot to buy it.

So now I can barely walk- the smell of fresh cut grass is coming in & making me a little stuffy- I hope I’m not developing allergies- the landscaper called me during the kitchen cleaning & said they’d be over soon to cut the grass- we discussed him tilling the garden for me this year since I’m getting older & more tired every year & the thought of breaking up the huge clumps of dirt that the guy with the tractor leaves is more than I can bear- a good tilling will break it up nicely & we’ll be in a perfect situation for planting next month.

The landscaper is not too forthcoming about extra work though- he was willing but didn’t know when he’d be able to get to it-sigh- I pointed out that I wouldn’t be attempting to plant anything before the second or third week of May & if he thought he could get to it before then I’d be obliged. We shall see.


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