Moaning Monday

Onward with the Random Observations

Because I’m tired & don’t have enough focus to put together a coherent paragraph.

The ex had the kids at his mother’s Saturday to Sunday, when I called to check in & see how it was going he told me that they bought 11 a hair straightener.

So the weekend ended up very quiet, I came home on Saturday night to find 18 home alone, the BF having gone to his D&D thing alone because she felt tired out still from their Kentucky jaunt the weekend before. She & I talked a little & I at least, ended up going to bed early- feeling very weird about 11 & 8 not being at home.

When I called home on Sunday afternoon after the ex had brought the kids back home 18 told me that while they did buy 11 an electric hair straightener they also bought chemical straightener & used it on 11’s head. 18 was very upset & felt it was a very non-accepting thing for ‘dad’ to do to 11, 18 likened it to as if dad had bought her diet pills & slim fast & said ‘I don’t like the way you look, change it’ I think 18 is hyper-sensitive but 11 did seem a little hurt.

I wasn’t thrilled about the chemical straightener because, having done my 1000 hours in cosmetology school while I was pregnant with 11 back in 1996 I know that the principal ingredient in these things is lye & that it’s even harder on your hair than a perm.

11’s hair is straight though & she does like it. When I got home last night 11 & I took a walk & then swung in the hammock & talked about the visit. She was a little upset because the ex’s GF’s Daughter, (convoluted, I know, but I don’t want to name names) told 11 that the ex said I was fat & lazy. I am fat, no one can deny that, least of all me, as for lazy, well, I’m not exactly the greatest housekeeper in the world & I do tend to do my housekeeping by the motto ‘don’t sweat the small stuff & it’s all small stuff’ so I can’t really deny either statement.

However I don’t really think the ex has any right to judge considering his patchy, at best child support payments & the minuscule amount I receive, (I admit though, at least I’m getting something – for now) And the fact that I work 44+ hours a week for what I & the kids have – little to no thanks to him.

Work is going along, one good thing about doing half phone half chat is that the days pass more quickly since they’re broken up with different things going on & so 4 days flies by like nothing, if I was only making enough that I didn’t have to go back on Wednesdays for overtime it would be a pretty easy ride!


One thought on “Moaning Monday

  1. The Ex should watch what he says around people who may or may not repeat what they hear. After all..he has more than a few faults of his own!!

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