Wonderful Weekend

So yesterday I got up, went to work for my 4 hours of overtime & while I was there finished tweaking my budget so that I had enough spare money to be able to go to Roanoke & get some new beads for jewelry making. So at 2pm when I was through with my overtime I went to the bank to get some money out. I asked for a balance because my last checkbook balancing attempt was a little off & I’m still trying to figure out where I went wrong.

The balance she gave me was even more off than my checkbook, but this was in my favor so about 30 seconds after getting the balance I was on the phone to the giver of all extra, unearned (so to speak) money, the department of child support enforcement. Sure enough, the payment at the beginning of April had been for a bit more than I expected & there was a second payment of over $200. extra dollars! I called them to be sure & they said it was back c/s & was mine free & clear! I was thrilled.

Home I went, feeling excited & planning dinner, taking the kids to get summer sandals & shorts etc. When I arrived home though, the only mail I had was a slip to take to the post office for a certified letter. I’m accustomed, as I think most people are, to looking upon certified mail as a bad thing. As in, someone wants to be sure I signed for this, so they can take me to court for not paying them.

I worried about that for awhile, while cleaning the kitchen & getting the wash I’d started in the morning separated into dryer & laundry line piles & waiting for it to be time for mr 8 & I to go get Ms 11 from remediation. 18 walked in with a friend & I told her about the money coming in & the possibility that it might be going right back out if the certified letter was a bill coming due (there were only 2 things I could think of) As I was telling 18 about this it occurred to me that it could be something from the ex in regards to custody.

I wasn’t sure that sort of thing would come certified but it was a possibility, at 8 of 4 we left to get 11 at school & then went to the post office, although the slip said I could pick it up after 8 on Thursday, I knew that my postman is always back at the office right around 4 pm, I’ve had conversations with him while filling gas tanks enough times to be sure of it. So we went right to the post office & sure enough, the clerk was able to give me the certified letter right then & there.

As soon as I saw the return address I was totally relieved, it was from the insurance company who I have my homeowners insurance through. It turned out to be a check for over $12,000 bucks! Of course I don’t actually get to spend a cent of it, but it means I will not have to worry about my roof ever. 18’s room will be fixed, painted etc as will my kitchen & dining room, the gutters & the siding which were messed up will also be taken care of. In reading the list of things on the prospectus I was appalled to notice a large dumpster on the list- I’m going to have one of those in my yard? Ugh!

Home again, I hung laundry & 18 convinced me it was already too late to cook dinner, especially since the chicken wasn’t even close to being defrosted, so we went out to eat, while we were waiting for the food to cook (for a drive in they are slow – but it’s worth it, they’re always delicious!) 18 & I walked down to the video store which is where we decided on Across the Universe, 18, 11 & I are the only ones who stayed for the whole movie & we all liked it very well. Of course we’re all Beatles fans so it’s no surprise, although I know of at least one person who wouldn’t see it because they claim to be a Beatles fan & feel it’s a travesty to use the songs that way.

Today I got out the door fairly early in spite of showering & checking email (once I turn on the computer, it’s often all over for me for hours- but I was motivated & just responded to the only important email in my inboxes) I was shocked & appalled to find gas priced at $3.35 a gallon in town, It was just $3.27 the other day! When I got my first job at 16 (Dunkin’ Donuts counter girl) I made $3.35 an hour! How could gas cost that much! I feel like my father complaining about when candy bars were a nickel.

When I got to Roanoke I bit the bullet & just went ahead & parked in the parking garage, I didn’t feel like driving around & around looking for a parking space & I also had cleaned my purse out of change the night before & didn’t have money for the parking meters. I was thrilled to see that the fountains were open in the park behind the parking garage & amused to see a local tv news cameraman taking live footage of them bubbling away.

I checked out the produce for sale & was thrilled to see cucumbers at 3 for $1. among other things & resolved to walk back the same way & pick some up on my way back to the car. I went to my favorite place for bumperstickers & got one for my car, one for my fridge (I haven’t decided which one is for which yet) & one for a co-worker who admired my coexist one.

Then over to the bead store– the reason I had come- they were closed! It turned out they open at noon. It was 11:20 then. So since I was already in the parking garage, I couldn’t go run other errands & come back later, I’d already checked out the only other store I really had planned to go to downtown & I’m not really at my best right now (you read that: I’ve been overeating & have gained yet more weight recently, I’m at a point where I have to lose because it’s affecting my life) So I didn’t really feel like I could walk that much! I ended up sitting on a bench for about half the time, I did walk around one block & window shop, there’s this store called La-De-Da which so makes me wish I was about 11’s size, they have the coolest clothes!

After responding to an impassioned bunch of text messages from 18 who was berating me for not being at home to come & get her out of school at 1:30 it was time to go over to the bead store, I had fun, but the exact beads I was looking for escaped me, they didn’t have any medium sized white or green beads for a project I’m envisioning, so after paying for what I did get & picking up the cucumbers (among other things, you have to have tomatoes if you have cucumbers & I wanted my first Vidalia onion of the season & my favorite use for Vidalias is for open faced mayo & onion sandwiches on fresh bread, so I picked up a loaf of homemade bread too) I went to Michaels & found ok beads of the size & color I wanted (their quality isn’t so good, they’re never all the same size & I like my beads to run the same size because if they’re not, the finished project doesn’t look as smooth.

Then over to Target where I picked up some stuff for the kids, new shampoo, a swiffer & a DVD of Sweeney Todd I headed home, with just one more stop at a grocery store because I knew I was the only one who would eat onion sandwiches for dinner so I got some nice roast beef & turkey, fresh cheese, lettuce & salad dressing & we had a nice cold cut sandwiches dinner with salad & a bag of Cape Cod chips (cheddar & sour cream flavor- I’d never tried them before, they were pretty good!)


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