Quick & Qualified

Very Very good day today, but I’m in a hurry because everyone is waiting for me to come watch Across the Universe with them!

The day turned out really well financially & we had dinner at our favorite drive in restaurant, DJ’s & played around with the new camera on my phone, it’s the same phone but it’s had a few upgrades & works better in many ways.

Since we had to take 2 cars because 18’s friend V was with us I was out of the car discussing the events of my day with 18, V & the BF & the kids started poking me from behind (they also took an embarrassing picture of my backside which I will choose not to share.

Among other things, I got my nice new hammock hung today & it’s lovely, I like this one better than the old one because it’s not orange & because it has the stabilizer bars on it- though I admit I’ve never used a hammock with the bars & thought I liked the kind without best, I have been told many times by many people that this type is better- we shall see.


4 thoughts on “Quick & Qualified

  1. I got my hubby a hammock last year and he loves it. It doesn’t have the stabilizer bars though and while he likes it, I think I’d prefer the bars too.

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