The Phone Rings For You…

They say life is more than one thing after another, it’s one damn thing after another.

I am usually not inclined to agree, it’s not so bad for the most part I like the chaos of the kids running around, my job though frustrating & challenging is at least busy, passes the day quickly & pays well enough to cover my bills. (mostly)

Sometimes though, things go crazy when you don’t expect it. Last night at 10:30 I was just getting into bed when 18 text-ed to ask me what exit they were supposed to get off at on the highway coming from Kentucky. I wasn’t sure of the number myself as I’ve only used that particular highway in that direction about 6 times in my life, & at least 2 of those times I wasn’t driving I was riding & so not paying attention.

I told her to look for Hillsville & Galax, because I knew it was that exit though I couldn’t remember the actual number, she texted back complaining of the rain, wind & snow & the curvy roads, just what I want to hear as I’m headed for bed! I text-ed with her for awhile & then she called me but when she called I couldn’t hear her & she couldn’t hear me- I chalked it up to her riding on mountain roads in WV still & texted her to tell her to text me again & let me know all was ok.

So then I sat & sweated for about 10 minutes, she called back & got through that time & I encouraged her & the BF that it wasn’t all that much further as they were going past Bluefield at that point, I heard many complaints about mapquest & wrong directions- for heavens sake though, it is 2 roads! Not a lot of changes or turns. East on one interstate from KY to WV & South on the second one from WV to VA & just keep on going on the highway until you’re home! Or, at least in the next county!

I know I used to get frustrated with 18 when she was younger though, because I’d hand her the map & tell her to tell me how  many miles to the next exit & she wouldn’t even be able to locate the road we were on. I am talking about her being 13, 14, 15 not 8 or something! I have begun each vacation we’ve ever taken with a brief tutorial on what roads we were taking, where they were on the map etc & 2 years ago I discovered I’m better off handing the map to 11, even at 9 she was better at it than 18 is now I guess 18 just doesn’t have a head for directions!

18 & the BF arrived home at about midnight & went directly to bed as 18 had school & the BF had a new job to start today, I arrived home surly tonight & so haven’t heard about their trip yet as I got 18 angry with me before I was even in the house! I was having a great day up to a point. Then I crossed the point.

Today when I took my last break at 5 tonight I called 18 & the phone was silent, same as last night when she called me but I had plenty of signal at work & she was here at home with plenty of signal too so it wasn’t a signal issue, I hung up on her & called her back, now I was on both her lines & she couldn’t hear me & I couldn’t hear her on either one. So I shut the phone off & turned it back on & tried again, not a sound, by this time 18 had left me a voice mail so I shut the phone off, took the battery out & then rebooted it again, nothing.

I tried my voice mail in case it was a problem on 18’s end, nope, no sound from the voicemail either. I called 18 on the work phones & told her what was going on & went back to my desk, I took the battery out again, cleaned all the contacts & poked around in the ear piece, when I tried the phone again, half ducked under my desk so my boss wouldn’t notice I could hear my voice mail. So I texted to let 18 know the phone was ok again.

I completed my day at work, took my leave of my co-workers & headed home, in the car I called 18 to let her know I was stopping for gas & milk & the phone went out again. Not a sound in or out of it. The last time I had to go to U.S Cellular at night they closed at 7 & of course, I get out of work at 7, I took a chance & went over there all the while trying to remember if I got this phone in March or April last year & Praying it was April & that it would be late April.

U.S Cellular was open until 9 I was pleased to note. They also found my phone to be in warranty for 11, count ’em 11 more days! The lady who checked explained that unlike 2 years ago when my LG6100 went bad & I had a loaner phone for a few weeks until they decided it had customer damage they just give you a new phone. So I walked out of there with a brand new Kyocera Slider. For Free.

Of course, I lost about 8 ring tones, all my pictures (most of which were already on my computer anyway) my wallpaper, a tetris game which I rarely play anymore & my subscription to my scrabble game which I play every night while watching the news before I go to bed. I am enough of a geek to enjoy setting my settings for the ringers, wallpaper, daily schedule, etc (they have a machine which moves your contacts for you in the store so I was spared that painstaking task) But the ring tones & games have to wait because my subscription to their service for getting those things takes time to update to the new phone & though I was actually looking forward to choosing some new ring tones on the way home in the car tonight, I can’t do it tonight after all.


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