Not-Sunny Sunday

So now, in a new twist, interestingly using both of the items he’s purchased in the last two weeks Mr 8 has decided to play golf with the scream mask on I kid you not, he was doing this in the living room & I went & took a picture, it wasn’t a posed picture, he thought this up on his own.

I couldn’t begin to make up the bizarre stuff this kid comes up with. A lot of it is only funny when he tells me so I don’t share as much of it here as I might.

Miss 11 is pretty much not emotionally involved with the whole thing & Just wants him to keep out of the tv range. Because we all know DeGrassi High is very important stuff!

18 & the BF have yet to appear, she called her friend who babysat for me this weekend & said they’d gotten turned around & headed the wrong way on the highway & would be delayed coming home, they had an estimated time of arrival of midnight, ugh!


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