April Showers

Wow, Site of the Day on Michele’s! Thank you Michele.

I’m so lucky I have stuff to say today! First of all, I’ve never met a whinier dog than my Ex’s dog. Clifford the small whiny dog is afraid of hard floors, doesn’t like to be alone & doesn’t like to go outside. I put him out on a lead to do his business for 20 minutes earlier today (I timed it, as time, for me, tends to fly) and he was crying & whining in 10 minutes.


When I went to relieve Clifford of his burden of being outside I had to walk him around the tree I’d tied him to 3 times to untangle the lead, I wasn’t too surprised about that but when I happened to look up towards the end of the road & find a state trooper’s car with flashing lights at the end of the road I jumped a little, it looked as though they had the larger road at the end of my road closed off which probably means they’d had another tip or sighting of our local fugitive.

But I keep forgetting that it’s going on. The second night I was in the bathroom before going to bed & heard a loud noise coming from the basement I immediately turned on the back light & the basement light & went outside to peer in the basement window & make sure there were no burst pipes spewing water all over my basement (hey, it’s happened before) There weren’t, but the basement’s door was open which I know I didn’t do, of course ‘no one’ else did either.

But it didn’t occur to me that maybe I shouldn’t be walking around in my yard in my nightgown at 10:30pm while this guy’s running around the county until after I was back in the house & locking the door. Then I wondered about the door being open in the first place, but I know Mr 8 likes to go down there & mess around so it was probably open because of him.


18 & the BF showed up at 1:30 & by then I was cold enough (it never even made it to 40 degrees here today) to try to bribe them to go to the store for kerosene for me, 18 suggested she drive & I come along. I agreed reluctantly & so we left, about half way there 18 remembered she hadn’t brought her purse with her learner’s permit in it & shouldn’t be driving, especially with all the troopers around, we made it to the store without getting pulled over though & her BF pumped the kerosene & 18 went in to pay for it.

I sat in the car & counted police vehicles, 3 state & 2 county in the parking lot alone, eating lunch no doubt. I drove home due to 18’s lack of ID & we arrived without getting pulled over. Since I bankrolled the kerosene purchase 18’s BF filled the heater & lit it. Though it was only 37 outside, the house has finally warmed up enough that the heater helped warm the whole place quickly (thank goodness, because I was losing feeling in my fingers earlier this morning)

When 11 & 8 got home & announced they had no homework I decided it was time for me to go run a few errands so I took 11 & 8 with me & we went to C’burg to do our errand running. When we were finished with the business parts of the errand running we went to goodwill where I was able to find each kid a couple new pairs of pants, a new shirt & dress for myself (the shirt didn’t fit so 18 got it) 11 found a nightgown she liked & 8 found a scream mask which he’s been driving everyone nuts with since then.


Then on to Target where each kid got new summer sandals & to pick a toy, as a special treat up to a certain amount of money, (it is their child support money after all) I was amused to note that 11 chose a new hair brush & some lip gloss & other toiletries type stuff over any sort of toy. She also spent a looonnnnggg time in the clothing department trying to decide if she needed/wanted clothing rather than the makeup & brush. (8 & I were ready to drag her bodily from the store)

On the way home we picked up pizza (& a salad for me) for all of us, at the most excellent pizza place around (Aly’s) & brought it home to 18 & the BF who of course, had to argue about whether it was fair of 18 to try to eat the sausage & pepperoni pizza, since the BF & Mr 8 who were sharing it, don’t like mushrooms or black olives which is what the second pizza had on it. As I had my own salad, I was not emotionally involved (Thank goodness)


Once again, the reality of 3 days off in a row is striking me tonight. I keep thinking I have to get up in the morning, but I don’t. Which is really great. I’m going to make myself shut the computer down early-ish tonight & try to sit down & watch a movie (I almost never watch movies, or hardly any tv just lately)


3 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. Congrats on being SOTD! Well-deserved. 🙂

    My mom has a whiny dachshund too.

    Have the producers from COPS shown up yet? You could be Concerned Neighbor #1.

    Michele sent me!

    ~S 🙂

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