Weird But Routine

I have ridiculously mixed emotions doing my job like I am right now. I miss my co-workers on the days I work alone, but at the same time, the rest of the company is running around me the whole time & I’m never really alone.

Other than while I was talking on the phone today I didn’t talk to a single person for the whole 11 hours I was in the building. (which I like) I haven’t been this alone for this long in years & I don’t find it unpleasant in the least.

Except for when I do. Which makes no sense at all. I realize that. I was at mixed emotions all day today. Hating my job but liking the money, hating being alone, but in enough of an emotional state that I knew it was better that I was alone, hating that I didn’t have enough money to buy frozen dinners for my lunches this week, but glad that I got to eat cereal for lunch.

The ‘C’ that is my middle initial? Probably stands for crazy.


4 thoughts on “Weird But Routine

  1. Hi, just wanted to thank you for dropping by and visiting me as the Site of the Day from Michele’s. I felt so honored!

    Some days I think the M (my middle initial) stands for maniac!!!

  2. Hello, Michele sent me! 🙂

    Your post made me laugh cause there are days I COMPLETELY feel like that…for sure some days the A in my middle name stands for anxious!!!

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