Scientific Saturday

So I was a little perturbed to find when I arrived home from work tonight, that even though I had financed 11 & 8’s science projects, they hadn’t bothered to do a thing on them. Mr 8 started his static electricity project by blowing up balloons & letting them shoot around the room, not my idea of a good time.


Miss 11 was a little more civilized, but is having trouble getting a perfect circle out of a piece of cardboard & coloring it into a color wheel, we’ve been through 8 circles, some of which she didn’t center properly, some of which she colored in a color pattern other than a rainbow. All in all, the color wheel is going to have to wait until tomorrow night because I can’t take any more drama.


Mr 8’s first project, with the static electricity & some cheerios on a thread, was a disaster, he rubbed the balloon on his head, my head, the rug & his sister’s head & no static would build up. It’s cold here tonight too – so it certainly seemed it should build up.


Back to the drawing board- er, computer. We found a nice messy project for him. Something I’m sure his teacher will curse me about for years. We tried it once & have the parts all set for Tuesday (odd, that they’d put the science fair deadlines on April Fools Day- don’tcha think? Or maybe they’re feeling prophetic)

An inch of vinegar in a diet coke bottle with the label peeled off, a balloon filled half full of baking soda, to be attached at the top of the soda bottle & lopped over so the baking soda doesn’t go into the vinegar until he’s ready (& the teacher has taken her Valium- Ahem, well I’d be on Valium if I had to deal with 14 little people like my 8 year old) Then he just has to lift the balloon to allow the baking soda to fall into the vinegar & the balloon will blow up!


I mean, inflate,  inflate, not blow up. At least, I hope not! Vinegar & baking soda can be a volatile mix after all. Well it worked just fine in the kitchen & I have high hopes that Mr 8 can pull it off at school, I’m sending a note to his teacher to email me with her email address & I’ll send a picture so that those not there for the demonstration can see how it worked out.

Whew, enough science for one day, I’m going to bed.


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