Saturday/Monday, It’s all the same thing

So this is the third Saturday I’ve worked, I am  not sure I like it very well, I do miss being home with the kids, (a little- right this minute- I wish I was at work, 11 & 8 are arguing about who should clean up 8’s bedroom that they both tore apart looking for $2. that 11 lost, she thinks, in 8’s room)

I don’t  much like sitting alone on Saturdays & Tuesdays either, but that will change all too soon & I’ll probably hate that worse, since I’ll have to go about making friends (or not) with whoever sits near me.

That means the whole talk with whoever sits to my right, about how I don’t hear well in my right ear & that I’m not being rude, you have to tap me or wave your hand in my face if you want my attention from that side. It means getting used to whoever’s around, at least I know (or I’m pretty sure) who my supervisor will be, I know & like her & that’s a good thing!

It has already meant that I’m somewhat ostracized from my current ‘team’ & the new supervisor we have won’t even talk to me- I think, from what I’ve heard around, that that is fairly normal for him though- I’m trying not to take it personally.

In other news, the ex ditched the kids again (for fairly serious reasons- his girlfriend had a kidney stone attack which landed her in the hospital) 18 is not taking this well, this is the second weekend she thought she would have off & hasn’t been able to have it off after all. She’s sulking & claims that she & the BF aren’t going to babysit for the ex on the first weekend in April as he’d asked them to go & do so.

To add to the lack of maturity on 18’s part, she won’t call & let him know, says she’s going to give him a taste of his own medicine & tell him at the last minute. I intend to email the ex if they don’t have things straightened out in another week. Though a case could be made for letting them duke it out amongst themselves.

Back to work again tomorrow so I’m making this short. Happy Easter or Spring or whatever!


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