Days of Whines & Grouses

Today I got paid to sit around. I love Paid Days Off! It amuses me to sleep until 10 am, sit around & read blogs on line, mend clothing, do laundry & hang it out while being paid my regular hourly wage.

Because I save quite a few of my paid days off for vacation in MA I seldom think about it in those terms. So I really enjoyed my time off today because of that. I did pretty much what I mentioned, relaxed & hung around all day long.

18 & the BF decided to stay at his friend’s house last night & so it was just 11, 8 & I almost half the day, no one even woke up before 10 am & when 8 came in to wake me up I was ready to do so. I told him about my dream which entailed 11 driving me to a local MA landmark (well, it’s a landmark in my life anyway) & us talking to a kid who was there about the museum on premises because he’d been in there & so had I but none of the other kids around including 11 had been inside. What that might mean I can’t imagine.


8 was mad because I didn’t dream about him, 11 then got mad when she came in because 8 was sitting on the bed next to me & there wasn’t room for her there on the bed, this ended in a fist fight & so I left to try to break it up by removing myself from the situation & going to the bathroom, this helped to some extent & so they just followed me to the bathroom complaining all the way.

We all then settled in to our respective tasks, me watching something on tv & mending some of my & 8’s clothes while a wash ran & the dryer tumbled clothes (I can’t say it dried them, because 8+ hours later the same clothes still are not dry) 11 sat with me & watched Medium episodes she’s already seen, 8 went to the garage where he’s just recently gotten his tv back, all hooked up & working again.  He’s just lately been practicing standing on his head which drives me nuts but is much less destructive than when he was walking on his hands!


Not long after 18 & the BF came home today 18 decided I needed cheering up & made 11 & 8 help her clean up the living room & dining room which helped my mood somewhat. Then 18 asked me to take her to the Harvest Moon, as we both were complaining about being out of incense, so we went, with a quick side trip to pick up 18’s friend V & to drop trash off at the dumpsters. I got 18 to drive until we were at the dumpsters (all back roads) but she refused to drive any further- sigh, all these years waiting for her to get old enough to drive me around & now she won’t do it!


We got to see the neighbor’s goats fighting, I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of them actually fighting, but I got one running away.

We had a lovely roast chicken for dinner, with all the fixins I could fit in the pan (carrots, onions & potatoes, along with stuffing in the chicken – I’m not about to stop putting it in the bird!) Of course, no one wants to clean the mess up, but I know if I do the dishes up & leave the chicken pan to soak I won’t have to deal with it anymore.


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