Rain & Fog

fit my mood today 100% The only saving grace is that I will be taking my paid day off tomorrow. Which is a good thing, because in the mood I’m in tonight I could easily end up fired.
I was going to go to work tomorrow & take the last Saturday of the month off instead (I have to use a paid day off from last year by 4/1 or I lose it altogether) but I couldn’t get approval for that Saturday off.

I asked for this day off before my schedule changed & if my schedule hadn’t changed I’d have tomorrow & Monday off to have made a 5 day weekend for myself. As it stands I had 3 days off, worked today & will have tomorrow off then work Monday & Tuesday. Bleah.

I haven’t been in a very good mood for a few days now & the constant arguing & ceaseless complaining that 18 & the BF are doing about, at & because of each other, are really starting to wear on me. I’m all but counting the days until she graduates & they move out (I have no doubt that when the reality hits it’ll be upsetting & scary to me- but right now it sounds like a great thing!)

Rain today & so of course no one hung any clothes on the line, this is good in one way & that it that I don’t have to fold laundry, however it’s creating a backlog of dirty laundry in my kitchen which I don’t enjoy looking at. Of course, since no one could hang laundry, running the dryer didn’t occur to anyone either!


18 & the BF have gone off to do their D&D thing, the ex canceled his visit due to some dental work which he had to have done & which has put him in a funk & in some considerable pain & so 11, 8 & I are here at home in the nice quiet (drama free) house.


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