I’m Not trying to Complain,

But it’s hard to get used to….

I keep thinking, ah, gotta get ready to go back to work tomorrow, but I don’t, I do however have to get up fairly early, go run errands, meet a friend for lunch- which is annoying the kids greatly because I made these plans before we knew they’d be out of school & I need my non-mommy time so they’ll be hanging out at home while I’m out, then when I arrive home we’ll be doing the usual every-other-Friday, run around & grocery shop errands, just we’re going to have to do them a little quicker than normal this week.

Because of course, the kids are going to Grandma’s this weekend, (at least 11 & 8 are- 18 laughed at me when I suggested she & the BF at least stop by & say hi) So I’ll be coming home to an empty house Saturday night (18 & the BF are going out to his friend’s house to play D&D as usual, but plan on staying out later than normal because they don’t have to get up in the morning).


It’s been years since I came home to a quiet, empty house, Early January 2001 would be my best guess, back when the ex & I were separated but not divorced & he & the new girlfriend (Eeewwwhh I hated her!!) were living in a cabin on his mother’s property. He had the kids Tuesday, Thursday & every other weekend. That was back in the days when I was still stupid enough to think I wanted him back. It was an emotionally draining time.

So today has been eventful, I knew 11’s mentor was coming this afternoon so I picked up the living room a bit, I left my cardboard box of pictures out because I thought I might get to doing some of those today (HA!)  The weather man had reassured me last night that the weather was going to hold for the day even though the computer things said it wouldn’t, I started another wash so as to have something to hang on the line & settled in to check email, after setting my alarm clock on my phone for 1 hour  because I had to go get some groceries & mail some bills out.


I remembered to check my paycheck, no extra money, but I had figured the tax incorrectly & had about $30. extra which is always nice. Though since the electric company has all of a sudden changed their shut off dates by 2 weeks (meaning I have 6 weeks to cover it rather than the previous 8 weeks) I am still short because I wasn’t planning on paying the electric bill just yet.

Just as I was thinking it was time for the alarm clock on my phone to go off 18 text-ed & requested again that I come get her so she wouldn’t have to sit through study hall again. I agreed since I had to go out. I took the trash out because the ex seems to like to look in the garage & I don’t want him to ever again see as much trash as was piled out there the first two times he came here. While flinging a bag of trash into the dumpster I bent one of my fingers back on the edge of the dumpster, I was less concerned with the bending (though it did hurt) than the fact that I actually touched a dumpster.


18 wasn’t ready to go when I got to the school so then I horrified her by sitting out there & finishing up writing the bills that I had to mail right in front of the school, while she’s yelling ”go- go- don’t just sit here!” Very restful! We then went to the bank where I embarrassed her by asking for a lollipop for my ‘little girl’ the teller, who has known her for at least the last 11 years grinningly complied. We went to the grocery store where I started my easter candy shopping for the baskets, picked up some of that really great Asiago cheese bread 18 & the BF came home with the other night & spent way more than I should have. (we needed broccoli & spinach to go with the onion & cheese for the omelets of course)

18 managed to pay me back in spades for teasing her at the bank, I was headed to the cash registers when she walked out of the bathroom & said at full voice: “Phew, Mom, why’d you make such a stink in there, I could barely breathe”  I pretended not to know her for the rest of the time inside the store & then tried to convince her to drive home. She wasn’t buying it but had several theories for me as to why she was paranoid about driving.


When we arrived home I settled down to a game of Mahjong & 18 went upstairs to skulk around & practice glaring through her hair, she’s especially upset because 3 people in the last 2 days have asked her if she dyed it green for St Patrick’s Day! She insists it’s blue or teal, not green. I was shocked when there was a knock at the door, I’d forgotten completely about 11’s mentor coming for a visit. I was going to invite her in but it was warmer outside than in & my computer’s media player was playing Guns n Roses, which most administrative types don’t seem to like for some reason, so I suggested we sit outside on the porch.

She readily agreed & sat down on my glider swing right next to the front door, I walked over to the metal bench which sits across the porch kitty corner to the table & the glider. as soon as I sat down I knew something was wrong but until I’d flipped off the porch & done a somersault onto the ground with the bench falling over on top of me I had no idea what exactly the problem was!!


Here I am on the same bench last summer.

The back left leg was bent, no one told me there were any problems with it, though I knew in the last 3 or 4 heavy wind storms (including the one which took down the tree onto the roof) it’s fallen over & off the porch. I know because I keep having to tell the kids to fix it. It seems to me if I was walking into the house, in the light of day at 3 or 4 pm, I’d notice the bench off the porch, tipped over backwards & walk over & pick it up. But the kids never do. I admit though, that when I have noticed it fallen over off the porch it’s been 11:45 pm & cold which is why I haven’t picked it up previously but asked the kids on their way out to wait for the bus, to pick it up & set it to rights.

No one ever said anything about it being bent or broken though!
So the mentor insisted on helping me up & I could already tell at that point that I’d be hurting later but I got up & laughed it off Mrs L said she wouldn’t tell 11 & I shrugged that off. We chatted about 15 minutes & the bus came, I didn’t think about not telling the kids, I wanted to know why no one told me the bench was broken! So I told them what had happened & got the usual blank, vacant looks & eloquent shrugs of the shoulders that I get when ever I ask what happened to something, anything, which has been broken or bent or destroyed.


After Mrs L left we started on the eggs. I did most of the hole drilling, the kids blew out the insides & then we all dyed them, we did 18 eggs total, 12 jumbo I’d purchased today for that purpose & another 6 of the 18 we usually have in the house, (they were getting a little old & we had plenty left considering tomorrow’s grocery shopping day)  The dye package was labeled differently, there were directions for normal colors, super bright colors & pastels, we used the super bright color directions which called for using 3 tablespoons of vinegar per color tab & no water at all. We weren’t disappointed though, the colors are great & the kids are in need of forcible restraint as for decorating them with the rhinestones, sequins & beads.


Here’s 11 with one from last year.

I made dinner which was that lovely bread & omelets, with broccoli, spinach, onions & mushrooms for 11 & I & just cheese for Mr 8. 18 & the BF were fighting again, apparently because I let 18 know she’s responsible for the kids until I get home tomorrow around 3pm & the BF doesn’t want to wait around until then to go do stuff, I don’t think that’s too much to ask considering she’s got the whole weekend off anyway, thanks to her step-dad & grandma.

But no, I had to hear ‘It’s Not Fair’- it’s not fair! Well it wasn’t fair for the county to change their attendance schedule this way with only 2 or 3 days notice either, it’s not fair that my desk chair in the living room is in pieces, that I’m going to be 40 this year, that out of 5 people I’m the only one who ever hauls the trash to the dumpsters or that the back child support hasn’t posted to my checking account yet either. I don’t complain about it though (Much anyway)


Off to bed early tonight because I’m still not getting to sleep at an appropriate time for someone who’s supposed to get up at 6:30 on her work days. Of course, early means when the laundry’s done being folded, which I know is going to take forever. It’s probably a good thing I haven’t watched much TV just lately. I’ll have stuff to carry me through the folding.


One thought on “I’m Not trying to Complain,

  1. I haven’t been over here for awhile.
    I am so sorry you fell off the bench. Are you ok now? Your kids are certainly growing up. Forty is the best, it’s 50 you have to worry about.
    Keep the faith Becky…….this too will pass.

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