Day Off 1 of 3

What an odd sensation, I used to have 3 day weekends, but it was a long time ago (like 2002) I always feel like I have to rush to get everything done on my days off, this morning I woke up & thought, I’ve got to get that laundry on the line off & put more up asap so I can fold it all tomorrow night, but then I realized, I have until Friday (though since Friday’s supposed to be rainy I can’t keep line drying until Friday, only Today & tomorrow)

Man, I’m boring, I’m writing about doing laundry! How pathetic! Well, I could write about going for a ride with 18, not as scary as that last time, but still, whooo- she’s got a long way to go before she’s ready, half way to town someone was riding her bumper so she pulled over & made me drive the rest of the way in, she insisted it was because she was afraid of her friend Sofia’s driveway. At first I insisted she was driving home, but after getting gas, kerosene & having a nice little visit with Sofia’s mom it was later than I expected & so I drove because I wanted to get home for Mr 8.


At 4 Mr 8 & I went to get 11 & checked the mail. My bank statement isn’t in yet, which I’m not too happy about, we were supposed to get the eggs ready for dyeing but it was nearly 5 when we got back here & I had to make dinner so we’re going to do it right at 3 when they get home tomorrow afternoon, as I believe I mentioned last year at Easter, we put holes in the ends of the eggs & blow the insides out so the eggs are hollow & can be kept from year to year. This also means omelettes for dinner which everyone but Mr 8 is happy about- although if I don’t go out & pick up an onion tomorrow I won’t be too happy about either.


The crocuses are out in full bloom & I finally changed my wallpaper on my phone to this lovely crocus picture- that makes 3 pictures of crocuses, one from every year we’ve been here! I’m hoping to remember to get some cd roms on Friday, the ex’s girlfriend explained to me that putting pictures on a cd rom isn’t any different from changing the music on my mp3 player, just drag & drop. & I’ve been living in fear for the last 2 & 1/2 years since I got on-line full time & have been amassing pictures to a folder.

I expected to hear from the contractor today & was surprised when I didn’t, I called him last week to let him know about the check I received & told him about my schedule change, he said he’d give me a call because they needed to get started. Of course, If I don’t get that back Child Support soon, I’m not going to have my deductible, which could be ugly. So no hurry on my part- though while I was hanging laundry for the second time today I was annoyed to notice where the gutters on the back of the house were taken down by the tree, I knew about the front gutter on the garage but not the back, though I’ve been out there a bunch (observant much? Nope).


I’m down to maybe 2 more loads of laundry, 2 separate sets of laundry have been on the line today & the dryer has been going pretty much non stop, (for what it’s worth, not much) there’s been no end to the stuff which is dirty, it seems like every towel in the house, every face cloth & napkin is dirty or wet or waiting to be folded. More than 2/3 of my clothes are not hung up or waiting to be worn right now, but in baskets, baskets of dirty laundry, wet laundry & clean dry laundry waiting to be folded.

Of course, the best laid plans & all that, it’s now (according to the weather box on my homepage) supposed to start raining tomorrow instead of being beautiful like today was & then raining on Friday (it’s also supposed to rain Friday too- ugh)


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