Monday Moans

I have to say I’m not really doing too well with this whole blog 365, my work night entries usually are variations on the I hate my job theme.

I don’t often have much to say on work days because I don’t do much other than work on them. I can’t be too specific about the job because while I hate it I couldn’t afford to lose it.

Went out to lunch today which was nice, Pizza Inn is not exactly haute cusine but it wasn’t bad considering the company.

18 was successful in dyeing her hair blue yesterday which I have yet to see in person though she sent me a picture via cell phone. I will of course post it when I have time.

I’m working tomorrow for 3 hours, right in the middle of the day (11-2) so I’m going to make this short so as to get to bed asap


One thought on “Monday Moans

  1. It seems like you have so much going on right now, having just read your posts and I know it’s tough. I hope your shift changes work out well in the long run and that you get a chance to play some catch up with things! Hang in there, k?

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