Simple Saturday

I’m not sure it was really all that simple, after all, it’s my last one off for awhile, as usual, my schedule is changing, though this is a schedule change of my own choice & for the better, (more on that tomorrow) but there is a feeling of melancholy because of the knowledge that the next Saturday I’m off during will be because I have it off for a paid day off.

Yesterday was a half day due to the end of a marking period (the 4th- we’re getting there! Just 2 more before the kids are free for the summer!) & 18 is out for good (or bad, we’ll see how that goes!) 18 began text-messaging me at about 8:45 Friday morning asking me to come get her out of school, this wasn’t good at all considering I’d been up from 7 to 8 taking Chrissea to get gas for her truck, chatting with the nice state trooper who stopped to see what we were doing & that everything was ok (that’ll wake you up quickly) & waiting for Chrissie & Sami to go along so I could lock the door & go back to sleep with a clear mind. (I might have stayed up, but I didn’t fall asleep until nearly 2 am again the night before & was seeing double)


I told 18 that if she’d leave me alone until 10:30 am I’d go get her. She behaved herself & so I went to get her around 11 am or so & to take money out of the bank for groceries & dinner. We arrived back home about 10 minutes before the younger kids’ bus & then waited around until it was time to go get Sami at her school. Then we ran a bunch of little errands until it was time to take 18 to her BF’s work. They went to their dinner & I took the three kids to dinner separately.


The kids have been good just lately – though some are currently banned from the computer. I splurged on a nice dinner at our favorite, Macados last night. 11 & Sami, Chrissea’s daughter were in full teen-queen operating mode & I had to catch a picture of that! They were so amusingly cute in their make up & posing. Mr 8 was in full annoyance gear & was sitting next to me un-fortunately, which I wasn’t too pleased about as he kept pinching me! He doesn’t mind when I pinch him back either so it’s frustrating because it is hard to get him to stop.


The Grocery shopping was, as usual long & painful, especially since it was much more expensive than expected. All of a sudden it seems every purchase I make is not just 3 or 4 cents more than it was a few weeks ago (though that’s been going on almost every two weeks) but a dime or 15 cents more than it was! 6 months ago I could easily feed us for 2 weeks on $100. Last night I bought bare bones groceries, forgoing bagels or anything else for me to snack on when I arrive home from work at night even & it was still over $150. Now I have to go back & re-work the rest of my finances because I had to use nearly $50. which was supposed to be for gas & more milk over the next two weeks just to get us out the door of the store with the groceries.

Chrissea came home around 9 & went to bed because she was feeling rather peaked from her illness last week. She was lying in bed & said she could hear the cats up in the ceiling again. She’s pretty sure that the stains on my ceiling are because the cats are peeing on the ceiling instead of in the litter box, when the litter box is not clean enough for their tastes. She called me in to tell me this & we got to witness (at least hear it) a cat fight, when Scarlett & Chrissea’s cat Garfield encountered each other in the ceiling. Garfield then spent the better part of an hour leaning out of the hole in the ceiling considering if it was too far to jump to the floor. He did indeed think better of it.


Today has been slow & quiet, a lot of laundry, it was about 50 degrees today, sunny & breezy which is an excellent combination to get the laundry dry on the line & I was able to get the laundry which was out there (for 3 days- it rained) off & a whole full line (2 wash loads full) on the line & dry before dark. A banner day in laundry terms.


I made pancakes for brunch & did the dishes from that plus the last couple of days, the house is still pretty much a shambles but 11, 8 & I played games, hung out in the sun on the back step for awhile, hung the laundry together, speculated on what the neighbors goats were doing, went to the post office & got dinner out because everyone wanted burgers.


I was amused to note that I’m pretty much used to the car now. It’s been 6 weeks & I know how it’s going to react in most situations, including when I stepped a little harder than normal on the gas to pull out of the post office driveway & automatically put my hand up & caught the cds which were piled below the stereo before they flew out all over the floor & seats (only took me having to pick them up from under the passenger front seat in 18 degree weather twice to get the hang of that trick!)


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