Gas, Groceries etc.

A lot on my mind this week, among other things:

Why did that one tree fall, why couldn’t the one which, when it gets wet, cuts my Wildblue Internet signal down way low have fallen?

Can the insurance company say those trees were all too tall & I was negligent by leaving them up (especially since half the tree fell 14 months before this second half)

I don’t think so- the contractor pointed out that the tree pieces on my roof had healthy green pine needles on them, the tree was not dead & didn’t seem to be diseased.

The local county newspaper reported a few weeks ago that the Sheriff’s office has used nearly twice their allotment of gas money for the year, with gas prices so high I’m not surprised, I used to budget $80. for a two week period for gas, looking back over my check book I’m spending something closer to $120/$130 in the same two week period.

Gas prices are getting higher all the time, I normally pay $3.09 nowadays & I know where I can get gas for $3.05 but I don’t go there because I have to pay cash there, not write a check & I like to use the checks) But I digress, my plan for the Sheriffs office is that they just shouldn’t drive around anymore, they should just stay in the office & only go out when there’s a call.

This would keep them from glaring at me when I drive by without my seat belt on, or if I’m still going 55mph when I come into town, where I’m supposed to be doing 45mph. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled at my suggestion. Lol.

I am not really thinking much further than next week when it comes to finances right now, I’m still waiting for the back child support that the state is supposed to take from the ex’s tax refund, I don’t quite dare ask him if he’s filed yet though- I admit I don’t ever call him myself. The way I see it, he can call me if he has something to say, but I am not about to seek him out & volunteer to talk to him.

Another day at work, another night where I need to fall into bed as soon as I get home, but can’t quite bring myself to do so.


2 thoughts on “Gas, Groceries etc.

  1. In PA at least my part of it, gas is $3.19 and they say by summer, expect to pay $4.00. I’m thinking by this summer I can expect to be sitting on my tush quite a bit.

  2. I love the idea of the Sheriff’s staying right where they are at! I can guarantee not many will complain about that. Perhaps they should build a donut shop next to the town hall? Can’t even talk to you about gas prices, my truck sits awaiting gas, as I speak! Luv ya!

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