Tuesday Diatribes

Things are going pretty well just this minute. I’ve been offered the option to go full time with the project I’ve been helping test out, probably in March, I would likely have a schedule which would be more conducive to the kids being with 18’s friend V in the afternoons after school (10 am to 6:30pm, was the schedule mentioned specifically)

I’m not 100% sure I’m going to do this, the project is better than actually speaking with customers on the phone, however, it’s more than a little frustrating, because I’m answering questions for people who are less skilled than I at the job & I have found that they’re as difficult as customers in regards to lying about the weather & other things. At this time we’re supposed to take them at their word that they’ve done all the trouble shooting for an issue. I have already caught multiple people lying about it though.


So it’s not stress free. Typing all day would also be somewhat more physically labor intensive & I can already, occasionally feel twinges in my right forearm as I reach for the mouse in certain situations. More time in front of a computer screen with my hands on a keyboard isn’t necessarily a good scenario.

In other new, there is much to report, the contractor showed up more or less on time & took some more measurements with his cool laser pointer measuring device, Chrisseas’ cat Garfield was especially taken with that & climbed my book shelves trying to get at it, the contractor was nice & teased the cat back down with the laser so I didn’t have to haul him off the shelves.

He told me that at least 3 out of 4 ceiling panels in my kitchen, nearly all the dining room ceiling & 18’s bedroom, would all need to be redone. Including, because of the crown molding & wallpaper border in the dining room, the dining room walls will get repainted, I told him I had paint already for that room & he said they could use that to paint. All free of charge to me (!) (well, after the $500. deductible that is- he said I won’t need that until they’re done and he estimated that they’ll probably be done around mid April. So I figure mid May.


18 & a couple of her friends came here around 2 pm, 18 let her self out of school early again. Taking that study hall for her last period of the day is working out pretty well for her at least (for myself, I’m not so sure) At least she’s 18 & can sign herself out, I’m glad not to have to be responsible for the mess she’s making of her life, I love her & harp on her all the time about getting over herself & just suffering through these last few months of school, doing as well as she can & then, after mid-May, going on with her life. She’s not listening to me.

Chrissea, Sami & I went to get 11 & 8 at school after their remediation at 4 pm, we went to the grocery store & got more of what I needed for dinner (chicken divan again, I wanted something which would be in the oven to heat up the kitchen) to stretch it to feed Chrissie & Sami too. We had fun in the grocery store, I bought Jelly Beans against my better judgment. Knowing I didn’t need any sugar. I would’ve known though, the kids especially 18’s crowd, ate most of them so I didn’t have too many.


11 & Sami made a cake together, which won’t be repeated, it was a mess, they also argued incessantly about who knew more about cooking. Sami because she took a class at school last year on it or 11 because she helps me cook all the time & is currently in charge of making pretty much all the desserts we have on my nights off. (brownies, jello, pudding {both box mix & homemade} cake, pie & tarts) The cake was messy (not enough greasing in the pans) but very tasty.

11 located the un-turned-in homework last night after all & so was able to turn them in before the end of the marking period (Feb 29) which I was profoundly grateful for, she’s also giving me a hellacious preview of what she’s going to be like in another 2 or 3 years, she’s weepy, bitchy & sarcastic by turns, part of it is probably hanging around with the older, Sami at our house, she is somewhat chameleon like & will take on the ideas & attitudes of whoever she’s with, which can be good in some ways & very bad in others.


She & Sami were arguing about who’s turn it would be to use the computer after I’m finished tonight & consequently lost the computer. I had to change the login password on here for the first time in almost 2 years. I used to change it routinely when 18 was younger & would go online when she was supposed to be babysitting her siblings & doing homework. I’d change it to lock her out of the computer until she got better about taking care of her responsibilities.

Mr 8 is his usual cheerful self now, not so earlier today, when he went outside to play & 11 & Sami took over the tv he’d left running, when he came back in & complained about it I told him he needed to clean his room. He was devastated, which is funny considering the mess he made in there last night, when he was supposed to be cleaning. He did clean it up somewhat- I can at least get in there to put my clothes away in the closet now. (for a day or two)

Back to work tomorrow, for another round of crazies are us. The worst part is I’m talking about my co-workers, not the customers. That’s not to say the customers are not pretty crazy themselves, the oddest call I took yesterday was from someone who insisted that we were causing the signal loss they were experiencing because they were late with their payment of their bill. I told them if that was the case I’d never have signal either & I do.


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