Typical Monday

Too Typical, First Chrissea ran out of gas & I had to drag out of bed at 7:30 (I fell asleep around 2 last night) go get gas at the store & bring it to her, when she said she’d pay me for the gas I told her to put the money in the gas tank & never call me to bring her gas again! My car now reeks of gas & I drove to work with the back windows open, the heat blasting & gloves on to keep my fingers from going numb.

Everyone was miserable at work, especially the customers, no one wanted to believe me that snow causes signal loss, I had a 30 minute call about a remote control (they average 5 minutes for me normally) Co-workers were out, in a funk or just generally crazy.

Chrissea’s sick on my couch (I appreciate that she’s on the couch rather than in my room where I risk getting sick too) 18’s surly, 11’s the cause of emails from her teacher in regards to missing homework (which, of course no one can find, least of all me) 8 was told to clean his room so I can get in there tomorrow & so 18’s BF helped him, they moved the bed & cleaned under it which is great, when BF left 8 alone to finish up with a smallish pile of crap to sort through & throw away, 8 shoved it back under the bed! 18 was read to kill him! I heard about this via text & had to laugh. (mostly because it’s better than crying)

The contractor’s company is beginning to impress me, they called Saturday to schedule with me to come take more in depth measurements etc, they’re scheduled to come out tomorrow around 11 am, I mentioned on the phone with the contractor Saturday that we’d had some water dripping in the most recent rainstorm & so this morning while I was trying to go back to sleep after my 45 minute gas delivery jaunt the repair guy called me to ask if he could come by to check the tarps & try to track down the leak, Chrissea said they hammered up there for awhile & then left, I guess we shall see tomorrow when it’s supposed to rain all day, whether they fixed the problem.


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