Monday Moans

Posting from work ’cause I have no doubt I’ll be too tired to do so from home, though I guess I won’t be too late coming home tonight (no interesting distractions here at work today)

I did get to go back to the project but it’s only for 2 hours a day & it messes up my lunch, (I normally take lunch at 4:30 or thereabouts, today my lunch was 6:15!) It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make if it means I don’t have to talk to any customers for 2 hours a day though!

18 took the day off from school because her friend A is still visiting, she got her lip pierced for a second time, bottom lip again, other side, she calls it ‘snake bites’ I think it just bites– lol, not really, but I wanted her to pierce the top lip so I could use a chain between the two rings to chain her mouth shut (or so I threatened)

11 got what 8 had & was mopey & miserable this weekend & was home today instead of at school, between my schedule, Chrissea & 18 she was taken care of, but I’m still hoping she feels better enough to go back to school tomorrow.

I got a call from the ex last night (Late & at an inopportune moment) he want’s to come get 11 over the weekend & take her & his GF & her daughter, 10, to Richmond to a children’s museum. (he says another time, in a few weeks he’ll take 8 & his 3 y/o son somewhere alone too) I am not at all comfortable with this & am waiting for tomorrow to call legal aid & apply for the right to ask a few questions. There has got to be a better way to find out what I need to know. The internet was, of course, no help at all.


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