ABCs of Music

List your favorite bands from A to Z. Only 1 per letter? this will be hard to do!

A. Alice in Chains
B. Beatles
C. Collective Soul
D. Def Leppard
E. Everclear
F. Fleetwood Mac
G. Godsmack (ok, I gotta say another, Guns & Roses deserves to be here too!)
H. Hinder (I guess, not a lot of H bands, I guess people would find it odd if I said Helix- no one but me & a friend named Mike, seem to have ever even heard of Helix)
I. Incubus
J. Journey
K. Kinks (the)
L. Led Zeppelin
M. Motley Crue
N. Nirvana
O. Ozzy
P. Poison
Q. Queen
R. Rush
S. Stone Temple Pilots
T. Tesla (or maybe the Talking Heads This is hard!)
U. U2
V. Van Halen
W. Wallflowers
X.  eXtreme (maybe, that’s kindof pushing it)
Y. Y&T (now there’s an early 80’s hair metal band you don’t often hear of anymore!)
Z. Zebra (& another one!)

I don’t know where this originally came from but I found it here


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