Picture = 1,000 Words

Of course, I’m still speechless. Everyone’s ok & that’s the important thing

distantviewtree.jpg So it was a little windy here in VA on Sunday

first-view-of-tree.jpg That tree from December 2006, it finally finished falling.

kitchendamage.jpg When 18 called to tell me she said it as if the kitchen was full of tree, really there’s only this little hole in the roof (about 3 feet by 4 inches)

garage-damage.jpg Then this lovely branch plunged through the garage roof.

newladder.jpg but the real damage is upstairs…

hole-in-the-wall.jpg in 18’s room, this is directly over her bed & you can see daylight & tree.

br.jpg This was in that left corner above the bed 18 was sitting on the near side of the bed when it happened & all the kids, plus Chrissea’s daughter Sami were upstairs at the time.

lois-ceiling.jpgHere’s some daylight, can’t see the tree though

sideviewtree.jpgFrom the side of the house, you can see where that second half of tree sheared off & fell on the house.

treeonroof.jpgYou can really get an idea of just how big this dumb tree was from this angle. (maybe it’s a smart tree, I think it’s been gunning for me since we moved in to tell the truth)

tree-on-the-roof2.jpg 18’s bf climbed out on the roof to give us theselovely views of the mess, looking back toward 18’s bedroom window from the garage roof

top-view-tree.jpg& down the roof toward the back of the house, that’s the lights in my kitchen through the window over the sink you can see down at the bottom right of the picture.

Now if I can just get enough money from the insurance co. to take the rest of the scary tall trees back there down, along with replacing the roof & fixing all 3 holes! It could become a blessing in disguise in the long run.


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