Just a quick check in

Because I said I’d post every day, you know, & I’m not giving up that easily.

Work was pretty good, I got 4 hours of my new project, 3 hours of training for the project (which was rather silly since I’ve been on the project for more than a week now!) & 3 hours on the phone (the less phone the better)

I came home to find a sink full of dishes & a note on the fridge from miss 18 stating she was sorry she didn’t get them done (again- 2nd night in a row, same dishes plus some more) but that she’d do them tomorrow. Now if I had to work tomorrow that’d be ok, but since I’m home I couldn’t leave them there, I had to do the stupid dishes.

I left her a note that says she’ll be sorry when she has to do dishes for 7 or maybe more, on Saturday evening. Because we all know if the ex is in town, he’s going to end up eating here Saturday night. Along with the soon to be step daughter, miss 10 & possibly his 3 year old from the last marriage (I sincerely hope not, because I’m tired of running around after a 3 year old, {especially one which isn’t mine.} That’s why I stopped having kids!) The GF however, is busy & won’t be along on this trip, not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one.

The new ceiling fan has a specialized light bulb which blew out on Wednesday so I’ve got to find another like it because I don’t like sitting in the dark while on the computer, that, combined with a few other little things we’re in need of mean I have to go somewhere either tomorrow or Saturday & I’m not too sure Saturday is a good day to go out since I really want the clothes dryer fixed (the part came yesterday, the ex just has to install it Saturday)

Which I am really excited about! (sad to say) Dry clothes, no more back breaking wet laundry hauling to the clotheslines, though I know I’ll still do so to save energy & wear on the clothes, especially mine. It wears them out so much more quickly being tumble & heat dried all the time. However I would like to wait to dry outside for when the weather is at least over 55 consistently & be able to pick & choose rather than just having to deal if it rains.


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