Crazy In Crazy Out

The occasion of 18’s birthday was a lot of fun, the whole day kept me so busy I forgot all about work, there’s a lot going on, some good, some bad, today was supposed to be my first time on the new project at work, it also was our first day back after some drama on Monday evening, I had forgotten all about that second part until one of my co-workers- slightly involved in the drama walked in early, like myself.

At first the day seemed normal, except of course, for the change in my schedule, which ended up getting siderailed because the computer wouldn’t accept my password for the site I needed to use, I just took calls like a normal day after all because it wasn’t working correctly. So that chaos helped to make a few hours go along, then, after lunch things got crazy, I’m not willing to get myself in trouble by writing about work too much but suffice it to say, things have changed alot in 3 days & are likely to change even more in the next week or so.

I’m pretty tired & more than a little stressed so that’s all I’m going to write, I can’t begin to think about what’s going to happen next at work so I’ll focus on what’s on the news & then drop off to sleep- hey, it’s escape but it’s better than eating stuff I’ll regret later on tonight or tomorrow!


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