All Around the Town

I don’t often like to hear that the kids have missed the bus, 18 woke me up at 7:30 to tell me she’d just woken, the bus had gone by 6 minutes earlier I dozed until the little ones were ready for school & then we jumped in the car to go to the school, I’m so glad we live 2 minutes away, it’s a quick ride over there & not a big deal (when we lived in the trailer it was 10 miles to the school & I could never fall asleep after taking them there) it was already decided that 18 wasn’t going to school so I drove us back home & she got online while I went to bed & slept for a couple more hours.

When I woke I called 18 & she didn’t answer the phone! I came out to use the bathroom & she wasn’t downstairs, I called her two more times & left a voice mail the third time saying I doubted she was out walking in the rain on her birthday, I gave up & stood at the bottom of the stairs & yelled up to her, she’d fallen back to sleep & didn’t hear the phone, well, not really, she said she had it on vibrate & it was in her hand & it still didn’t wake her up! Very surprising because her phone was mine first & I could hear it vibrate in my work bag on the floor beside me at work with my headset on while talking to a customer & also if I accidentally left it on vibrate when I went to sleep at night & someone called, the vibration was so loud & rattly that it would wake me up just vibrating on my bedside table.

We got ready to go to the movies fairly quickly, I, as usual when I go back to sleep- had slept a little later than intended & so we rushed around a little before getting out the door around 11:30, a stop at the gas station for gas, sobe & an iced tea & danish for 18 & then to the bank to take out the money to cover the day’s fun, we discussed going to the mall for a little but I was afraid of being late for the movie & so we sat in the car & put on makeup, her- because she always wears it, me- because I had nothing else to do & I’m trying to get back in the habit of at least wearing mascara every day.


We went into the theater & I embarrassed 18 by gawking, it’s a new one in the area & is built with the high stacked- imax type seats I had to pee so 18 went to get popcorn & sodas for us, they were huge & had huge prices, I was also more than a little shocked that the matinee tickets were $6.75! I can remember being shocked when night -time movie tickets were that much (around the time of the Empire Strikes Back that was- my parents couldn’t afford to take us so a friend of my fathers took us instead & because I’d been told it was too expensive, I took special note of the pricing on the board)

I loved Sweeney Todd, It was excellent, well acted, very well filmed & even well cast, I’m not a critic of course, but I thought the one person the critics have been saying bad things about (Helena Bonham Carter) was good, not Angela Lansbury, but very good. I admit, I have to thank a co-worker for loaning me the original so I have the ability to make a comparison & 18 said the same, that she was glad she’d seen the video of the stage production so as to know the story beforehand & to be able to pick up what was being said & going on that much more quickly. I was glad (sap that I am) that Joanna, the daughter & the sailor boy got away in the film, as opposed to the stage show, in which nearly everyone dies.


We got out of the theater after another pit stop in the restroom, no doors, no toilet flushers, (Mine didn’t do it automatically- if it’s supposed to be automatic- it ought to work!) no faucet handles, all very strange to me. I was annoyed to find it already was 3:15, I had to be at the Elementary school to pick up the kids at 4pm from their remediation classes. it’s a 40 minute drive on a normal day, during non rush hour, this time of day is school bus after school bus after school zone & workers returning home from work, not to mention the 2 places where they’re cutting trees & have only 1 lane open between the theater & the school (31 miles on the road) we arrived at 4:01! I won’t say what sort of speeds I acomplished.


We went by the Post Office to check the mail in the box, then dropped 18 at home, because she had a couple of friends planning to stop by & wish her a happy birthday, with the plan that the little ones & I would go to town & get something for dinner & the chocolate & frosting I needed to get to make her a cake. When we arrived home from the grocery store we found that a credit card I’d applied for had arrived, so we decided to go out to dinner, 11 & I made 18’s birthday cake while she hung out with her BF & various friends who stopped by, then, when the cake was finished cooking, we left it to cool, picked up her friend V who lives on our road & with the BF & her friend A also along in a seconds car, we went to get Pizza at Pizza hut in Hillsville.


On the way out we stopped to get ice cream & more frosting (some people having gotten into the frosting while the cake was being made) we came home, frosted the cake, sang, ate & cleaned up, I was able to have a shower without running out of water & ended up singing that song about the big black hole named London from the movie while in said shower – thus embarrassing 18 in front of her friends to no end (I’m told) I’ve been here since I finished that & am, even as I type, falling asleep!


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