What Are You Going to Do?

So the world is ending? Stock markets crashing, crazy people running around, people getting fired for no apparent reason without warning, (& all that’s just at my job) I didn’t get fired, thankfully, I did get a visit from the guy in charge of this new project I’m involved in & he had me make sure I could log in to the server for the system. That was the extent of my new information on this project today, I’ll be at a different desk for the 4 hours a day that I’m doing this, at least for the first week. I know from experience of nearly 7 years, that it’s a good thing to change seats, especially for only part of the day. It breaks the day up wonderfully.


In other news, at 2:57 am Miss 17 will be Miss 18. I am pleased that we’ve made it thus far, however I’m still amazed that I’ve got an 18 year old kid. It still feels like yesterday that the doctor put her on my stomach & she looked me in the eye & cooed ‘hi’ at me (yes, less than a minute old) I don’t feel old enough either, I remember my 18th birthday well, Chrissea & I had been living in our new apartment in Hull MA for less than 2 weeks at that point. We went to dinner with a friend, Jimmy, who came down from Dorchester to check out the place. Now my oldest kid is getting ready (well, about 6 months left) to go out on her own, have her own first place, first phone # (unless you count the cell phone I got for her in 2005)


Wow. Ok, now I feel old. I’m supposed to be going to see Sweeney Todd with Miss 17 tomorrow & we’re going to the early matinee so I’ve got to get to bed at a decent hour tonight.


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