Good News

When I went to work today, we were standing around for our meeting & my boss announced that though all of us who took the test Thursday did well on the test, only 1 of us was going to be in the pilot program. Imagine my surprise when he said it was me!

On top of that, I got extra time off the phone today to learn about the program & then tomorrow I’m supposed to spend some more time on it. I actually start taking Instant messages on Wednesday, for 4 out of my 10 hours at work, it will be so nice not to be talking to customers, instead I’ll be I/M-ing employees in other centers helping with troubleshooting etc. I still don’t know if there’s any extra money in it.

Before work I was feeling more than a little in a funk, I was driving down the highway & my phone rang, it was the ex, he was acting like he had told me from the start that they were coming for a visit on the first weekend in February, which of course, is not the case, it was supposed to have been last weekend. Whatever, everything is on hold until I get his tax refund (the state of VA will take the amount in arrears on child support away from his federal refund) but he’s still going to come & measure for the stairs etc. At least I’ll be able to tell if I need to save money in addition to what I’m going to get from him, in order to get the stairs finished & maybe the drywall done in the upstairs.

I’m really feeling the necklace making bug right now, going to that bead store really made me want to spend some time doing crafts etc. But I know I won’t get to it before Friday or Saturday. I’m thinking about taking myself to see Sweeney Todd on Tuesday for a matinee now that I know it’s in a theater nearby, however, it means basically driving to work on my day off-yes I actually drive past work to go to the movies, but it’s just the same, though a little later in the day than a work day.


One thought on “Good News

  1. I’ve heard Sweeney Todd is great, but there’s been too much chaos in my life to have seen it myself. I’m hoping it hits the maxi saver theater soon.

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