The Cold is not Cool

I’m not going to say much here- it’s too cold to stay up much longer, it’s already nearly 1 am & I haven’t even watched the news to see if we’re going to get any relief from this weather.

I will say the lack of clouds, which I understand from the weather man contributes to the cold, is really making the moon show up very well in the sky & I like that even though I don’t enjoy the numb toes.

I only wear a scarf & gloves if it’s below 20 degrees & since they’re dug out & in my work bag, you know it’s cold.

The kids are getting a 2 hour delay from school in the morning – I’m not sure if that’s cold or snow/ice related. The roads seem clear here but I don’t take any dirt roads to get to work, so there’s no saying how those look.

Work was unreal today, we had over an hour off the phone for training, then when we got on the phone we were in double digit callers waiting. Not a happy feeling when every person you talk to has been waiting 10-15 minutes to talk to you.

That’s especially true for a level three tech like me, they almost always talked to someone before me & so waited twice, if I’m able to fix their problem within 5 minutes (& I often am) they’re mad because it ‘took so long to get someone on the phone who knew what they were doing’

If I can’t fix the problem they’re mad because they’ve ‘been holding all this time & you can’t fix it either?’ Basically I can’t win so I don’t try to! Not a very rewarding job that way, let me tell you!


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