Saturday- Where’d it Go?

Well, I know I did something around here, there’s dry laundry, clean folded laundry, there are dishes washed, blog entries, rants & memes worked on if not finished. I’ve got other stuff set up for the week so I don’t have to worry about it, we got kerosene & made a puzzle, we had a cooked-by-me, lunch & dinner today. So I have done something here & there, but still, it’s nearly 8pm & I’m still here on the computer where it seems I haven’t strayed away from all day!


17 & the BF were out all day, preferring to be out rather than chance dealing with 11 & 8’s dad, he never showed up, didn’t even call, I was well satisfied to leave it alone, we slept late, cleaned up a little (just in case he showed up) I as I said, did a lot of little household stuff & worked on some stuff here in the house. 11 & 8 cleaned their rooms some more & then played a game in 8’s room with many toys strewn around, some sort of Barbie/Imaginext war. While I typed & tapped here on the computer.


We all made the chicken roast & stuffing etc, then we made a puzzle & went back to our respective pursuits while the chicken cooked. At 6, 17 called to check if the ex showed up or not, when she had the all clear she said they were coming to eat here & watch a movie with a friend. So basically they walked in, I fed them & they’ve been upstairs ever since!- not exactly a problem, she’s been so surly lately I prefer to keep my discussions with her to a minimum.



One thought on “Saturday- Where’d it Go?

  1. Hi, I’m here from Michele’s. You got a lot more done today than I did. I boxed up the rest of the Christmas tree stuff which had been sitting there for a week half-done, and looked for a missing puzzle piece to no avail. There’s a loaf of banana bread in the oven, and that’s it. Man do I need to do laundry, thanks for the reminder….

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