Friday is Finished

I never ended up going to work yesterday, I started out with the 4 wheel drive on & everything, but when I went to stop at the end of my road the car went right & ended up half in the ditch, I got it out on my own & turned it around, went home & called work to tell them I wouldn’t be in.

If it had been my old car I might have kept going. As it stands though, I am pretty fond of this new one & would like to keep it new & pretty looking for awhile, after all it was only 3 months ago that I got rear ended in the other one & it was quite nice before that (at least on the outside) I tend to feel crummy about a car if it’s all dented etc. (I don’t mind about dirty or faded paint etc) I just feel self conscious driving a car which has dents, as if people automatically assume I’m a bad driver because my car is dented.


11 & 8 went sledding, we didn’t bring our only broken sled from the trailer when we moved from there to here in 2005 & I wasn’t about to go out to buy a sled when I couldn’t go to work even, so they, being resourceful, creative kids dug their boogie boards from the beach last year out & used them to slide down the hill. 17 received her birthday present because it came in the mail & It was too big & bulky to hide for another 10 days, the coverlet looks lovely on her bed, though I am not a huge fan of the black & white thing, I think the toile is pretty cool in black & white.


I spent a bunch of time prepping for the ex’s visit & then got involved with sorting the pictures for my albums, I was going through a second box of my grandmother’s stuff, some pictures, a lot more cards from family members for the holidays, bills, a list of what she spent money on when she got the money from the sale of our former house (my grandfather’s, her husband’s, family home) She went to the UK, Florida & New Orleans (formerly one of her & my grandfather’s favorite places to go together) She had the house she lived in redone, 5 rooms re-painted & papered, new furniture (the couch & chairs I have now) & new rugs. I always wondered if she’d kept track, she apparently did.

I had said to the ex, on New Years day when he was here last, that I’d get some of the spare pictures together for him, then of course, 17, 11 & 8 all say they want picture albums of their own, which means that once I’ve got my own definitive set of albums, I’ve got to go back through & separate all the rest of the pictures & the duplicates into 4 piles. Not something I’m excited about at all.


I haven’t watched any news or weather reports yet to see how likely snow is for Saturday but I’m still hoping. Part of the reason I don’t just look at accuweather is because I don’t want to know if the patterns have changed & it’s a definite no! The possibility of not having to deal is much more delicious than the surety that I will have to deal with the ex.

The grocery shopping today was slightly better than normal, simply because we were out the door at about 1:30, 17 drove part way to C’Burg & then we dropped her off at her BF’s place of employment when his day at work was ending. Then 11, 8 & I went on to pay the phone bill, eat dinner & go grocery shopping.


When all was said & done, it was only about 6:30 when we headed home, I was very glad to be done, even with the grocery putting away at home, it was an early night & a very nice one for that matter. I love 17 but she’s dramatic, moody & intense, it was really fun to go to dinner with 11 & 8 & get to hear about what they’re doing in school. Matter, liquid, gaseous & solid for 8. Prisms, light & the manipulation of it for 11. They’re both into science & how things work- something they get from both myself & my ex- something he & I had in common when we were together too.

When we got home there was much yelling. 11 hadn’t done much of anything about her room yet & if the ex comes, he’s supposed to measure the walls up there to see how much drywall we’re going to need to buy to wall the rooms. I told her it was crunch time & that she needed to seriously apply herself to her room & get it in good shape.


The upstairs rooms are paneled now, with what looks like circa 1970 trailer paneling! It’s so fragile that holes have been punched in it- one was where 11 threw 8 against the wall & 8’s elbow went through the wall! Due to the holes, we’ve discovered that there is no insulation behind the paneling so that’s a big priority for me. There’s plenty of insulation around here, just waiting to be installed, because the previous owners didn’t use the upstairs & they had insulation laid on the floors up there. 17, her best friend & I took that all out within 3 hours of my signing the papers on the house, it’s been stacked in my garage ever since- waiting for me to need it.


11 alleged that she had helped 8 clean his room yesterday (for about 10 minutes- by my count) & that he had to help her now. He wanted to watch tv- What a surprise- & wasn’t about to help her. I asked him to help her for 15 minutes & said I’d time it on my cell phone’s clock. I did so & when I called to him that the 15 minutes were up he was enjoying himself in the helping enough that he didn’t come down right then- he can be such a sweetie when he wants to!

I’m so far committed to trying to do  more on the picture albums, deciding how much kerosene we’ll need for the next two weeks & making a puzzle with Mr 8 tomorrow. That & there’s a chicken already defrosted, waiting to be roasted, I’ve gotta see if 17 & the bf will be joining us for that- though I already know the answer: ”will 11 & 8’s dad be here for dinner? If he is, that’d be a no.”


6 thoughts on “Friday is Finished

  1. The dynamics of your family is fascinating….I LOVE Hearing about your three WONDERFUL kids…And the day to day things that you all encounter and that you have to deal with….LIFE, in all it’s ‘variations on a theme’….! I enjoyed this post very very much! And Michele sent me tonight!

  2. Hello, Becky, Michele sent me to say that your family sounds like a typical bunch of kids! You are lucky as it sounds as if you have a great relationship with them. Your day sounded exhausting! But, as a mom to a 31 year old – I remember days like yours…

  3. Hey Beck, I’ve been catching up on your blog. WHEW!!! Nice new car…I love it. I can’t wait to see it in person. Tell the kids I send my usual love and threats. LOL

  4. Oh Ann, we miss you & love you too! Are you back online or only visiting?
    We’re already planning the vacation to MA this year (it will be 11, 8 & me, no teenagers necking in my car this year!)

  5. Back online for now. I’m looking forward to vacation this year. If you can, let me know dates early so I can beat the others to the vacation requests dates. It would be nice if it actually worked out for once. I’m gonna miss the teens, they were kinda fun last year!!

  6. Well, you don’t have to live with the teens that I do! I miss yours too, so go figure! I’ll be looking forward to seeing forwards from you in my email again soon!

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