Busy Busy But Not Much Done!

Somehow it always seems there’s little time for anything I’d like to do. But really, I spend most of my time hanging out with the kids & when they’re busy or occupied with their own pursuits (you read that: zoned out in front of the tv insensible to anything but the unplugging of the tv – which they will respond to with shrieks of horror) Online reading people’s blogs & checking out silly stuff.

I did intend to get involved in my picture album management again today, but the day has gotten away from me somehow, while I might get to do some photo organizing, it won’t be as  much as I planned (& I know 17 resents the boxes with the photos & the albums ‘cluttering up’ the living room- hey, they’re tucked behind a chair!) because there just isn’t enough time left in the day.

The day began with my taking 17 out for a little drive (well, she was driving, I suppose that means she took me out for the drive) We drove to our favorite destination, the house we first lived in when we moved back to VA in 1997, it was looking worse than usual, chimney crumbling, a tree either fallen over or cut down (17’s favorite tree- she was very upset) & the side door was wide open.

11 had never been in the car while 17 was driving & was excited about the idea. 8 had only been in the car with her driving once (while she was practicing on my PT Cruiser, which was a standard transmission) he wasn’t too excited about going for a ride today but we assured him the ride would be less jerky than the last one. 17 has a tendency to crank the wheel too far when making a turn from a stop, then she has to yank it back the other way to straighten out when shes finished her turn. Other than that & a fear of oncoming traffic she’s doing pretty well- she gets a lot more practice with the BF than with me I admit- though maybe the new car, with automatic transmission may change her mind about driving places.


We drove around back roads, taking turns, her for awhile, me for awhile, for about an hour & a half, then went home so she could primp for her date with her BF to go to a friend’s house & play Dungeons & Dragons this evening. We hadn’t been home long when the ex called to check up on plans for he & his little family to come for a visit next Saturday (you can imagine my joy) He’s going to take the second bunk bed we have had stored in the cellar since we moved here. Since the kids have separate rooms & 11 has a double bed instead of a twin, we have no need of the second bed & between the ex’s girlfriend’s kids & his son from his second marriage he needs it, the beds were his sister’s previously & I believe he & his younger brother had them before that so it’s not like I have any claim on them.

The ex checked out my new car online & was fairly congratulatory, (he was scornful of the PT Cruiser but ok about the Subaru Legacy I had before it) He seemed to think I did ok on the deal which is high praise from Mr. Wheel’n’Deal himself. He also can afford to be generous because my car is a 2007 with 16,140 miles on it (well, it was when I got it- we’re closing in on 16,500 now) & he just picked up a brand new Ford pickup truck with king cab.

He was open & fairly pleasant today- told me we need to make plans for me to bring the kids down to the base because 11 & I will both need military ids, me, to cover 8 until he’s  10 & then he can get his own. The Ex gave me his address for me to give to the state of VA so they can get the child support straightened out (with this new car payment I’m going to need every cent!) Because he still maintains his paychecks show the money getting taken out, as for why it’s not getting to me I don’t know but I intend to hound VA until they find it (the last time I had any money from him/them was in July & so it seems, as far as the state of VA is concerned he owes nearly $3000. that would be a nice lump sum if I could get it.

He thinks WI is taking the money from the Army & him & then either giving it to his ex (although he says her support order money is taken from his pay separately) or WI is just holding on to it for reasons unknown. I think if WI actually has that money there’s a good chance I will get it in a lump sum. Now, if I could just get it to show up at the same time as my tax refund!


I think the actual reason the ex called was because he wanted my grandmother’s stuffing recipe, he waited until 30 minutes of general discussion of all the above stuff went through before telling me he’d mail ordered away for common crackers & wanted to try his hand at the stuffing recipe so I converted it from the 20 lb. bird to a 5 pound size as that was his guess about the size of the chicken he was cooking.

After the conversation with the ex 17 & the BF left, with 17 driving again, she says she’s thinking she should hurry up & get her 40 hours behind the wheel in soon so she can take the required safe driver course, which is $100. if you’re still in high school but $250. if you’re out of high school- I think she’s really starting to realize, as she nears her 18th birthday that there’s only 5 months left of school & then reality will be here.


Mr 8 has been a challenge all day long, he’s bitten, kicked & punched his sister when ever she’s crossed him on what to watch, what to play, where outside to play etc. I took his garage tv early on & now have had to take the remote for the living room tv because he needs to clean his room & learn to control his temper. He is now in immediate danger of sulking a hole into my couch.

The day is nearly over & not a picture has been sorted, *sigh* well there’s always Tuesday.


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