Good Stuff

So just for something to do I decided I want to write about awesome stuff that I know about.

First & most important thing, there are lots of places to go to take tests & see which candidate comes closest to your own views, (even one from Fox News, which I think I broke when I took it- my ultra liberal views seemed to be making it steam – online yet!) but this is the best one so far, I found out about it at work, there’s a link in our interactive stuff on our set top boxes & they claim that the information will be updated as people drop out of the presidential race & so will stay current.


I’m of the opinion no one should ever be under dressed, I can’t always wear exactly what I want because I’m fat & have spent entirely too much time worrying & fretting about that to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that it’s stupid to wait around until I lose weight & think that my life won’t begin again until I do. (I was only a size smaller than I am now when I got married, it’s not like, at 39 I haven’t already had a life anyway) So in the last 18 months to a year I’ve been in a ‘be here now’ phase which includes getting nice clothes (have to have decent business casual wear for work anyway so it’s not like they just hang in the closet) when I can find ones that fit & Just shopping the online clearance stuff at Newport News has garnered me a lot of my wardrobe, though I have to say some things have been too small- though they’re listed at size 3x or 24 they’re closer to a 20- 17 gets that stuff but it still irks me a bit to have bought clothes I thought I was going to wear & have her get to enjoy them!


Do you remember ‘Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific’ shampoo, Walnettos candy & Slipper socks? Need to restore your sagging couch? Want to add humidity to your house & save heating energy? The Vermont Country Store has it all, they specialize in practical, old fashioned stuff & brands which have stopped producing, which they re-do & make themselves, you can even request & suggest products to them! I can speak highly of their fudge (especially the penuche- which I didn’t even know I liked until they accidentally sent it to me instead of Chocolate a couple of years ago) & their flannel nightgowns of which I have 2 & intend to purchase a new one every year around my birthday so as to replace them as they wear out.


While Christmas shopping at our local gourmet & health food store, the Harvest Moon, I came across these really cool bath fizzies, they looked like double scoops of ice cream & smelled so good! I got one for myself & one for 17, pomegranate for her, Amber for me. This is the bath fizzy that broke my bathroom sink! (due to 17 whacking it on the edge of the sink to try to break it into pieces so as to be able to extend the use of the fizzy) After enjoying mine I checked them out online & am definitely going to be purchasing some more fizzies for myself when I have the money! (& maybe some of the body icing which is moisturizer)


2 thoughts on “Good Stuff

  1. Becky, I haven’t been over in such a long time. I am just browsing and noticing you have a whole new format. It is looking good.
    I, agree that 11 is looking much older.
    Also I feel badly about the sink in your bathroom breaking and of course the car news. But the new one shall be grand.

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