The Day Has Been Long

It’s after 8 & this is the first time I’ve been anywhere but the bathroom & the couch. (well, & the bed) Both Miss 11 & I woke up in the night vomiting & things got worse from there. Imodium is great but if you can’t keep it down it’s not worth much.

Needless to say there was no way I could go to work today, when it was just 11 sick I thought I might be able to make a half day because the kids only had a half day today at school (end of the marking period & teacher work days the next two days, this is our MLK holiday too apparently) Then I started feeling nauseous & well, I didn’t go anywhere outside the house.

We slept a lot, until 8 got home & turned on the tv, I read nearly a whole book (I often do so when I’m sick) reflected on the irony that the decision about trying for supervisor was taken out of my hands by my stomach, (because I am probably facing a write up when I get back to work tomorrow, which makes me ineligible for promotion until I work it off- 90 days no issues-) I will get paid, which is a relief, they just started this year with 5 days paid sick time for hourly wage employees.

I’m still upset over the whole tax refund delay, I understand from looking around online, that I may still not be able to get my refund finished the day after I get my w2, something about a delay until February 4th or something, but I haven’t read the whole thing yet so can’t say one way or the other on that.

Now, because I didn’t go to work today, I have to go in early tomorrow & make it a point to get to payroll to get copies of my last 2 paychecks for the car dealership on Friday morning. 11 & 8 think it’ll be a lark, lots of fun going car shopping. Myself, I’m just hoping they still have the car I want (with used cars you never know, someone could buy it out from under me before Friday morning) & that I won’t have to test drive more than that one & that because I filled out the forms online & am ‘preapproved’ that I won’t have to spend a long time there.

The first time was interminable, it took 8 hours & I went home with a 1992 Subaru Legacy- it was my credit building car, I paid 26% interest for 2 years & made good on my promise to come back on the day of my last payment & trade it in. I hated that car, not even 4 wheel drive, rusty but re-painted, not worth the money I’d paid, though on the good side it took us to MA 4 times, was pretty good on gas & by the time I was through with it I’d racked up 165k on it in mileage. It breaking a strut less than 2 weeks before I went to trade it in was the final straw I wanted out of it & into something cooler.

The visit to get my PT Cruiser was shorter, it began with both my friend who came with me for moral support & I falling on the ice between his truck & my car in the trailer park driveway which was not auspicious. He was only there to check the car itself out & wouldn’t come in while I dealt with the salesman, who frightened me a bit by remembering me from 6+ years earlier when I went with my ex to try to get a car- they turned us down that time- A. & I only test drove the car I bought, I had wanted one but thought I’d have to have a second car like the Subaru to repair my credit before I could get what I wanted(I went with a Pontiac Grand Am in mind, a little sporty but with room for the kids)

I was more than a little shocked when they offered me my car & didn’t think I could do it, especially when they told me the payment, but I did & after refinancing 4 months later I had a livable interest rate (went from 14.5 to 10.25%) the loan was shorter though, 4 years as opposed to 5 & I actually paid it off 15 months early. Which brings me to now. I really wanted to, as I’ve said before, not take on another car loan for a year or two, a year would be April. I know though, that driving that car much longer is dangerous, it has 145k miles on it now & even with all the work I had done last year (timing belt, engine rebuild to take out the broken sparkplug etc.) it’s  not worth putting into it what it would/will cost for the rear bumper, back hatch, tires & brakes. Especially considering how it acts up hills lately.

Well enough about the boring car stuff, it’s only of interest to me, I realize that & apologize. Miss 11 is feeling much better, well enough to eat chicken parmigiana with her siblings tonight for dinner, I’m less so & still working on toast & ginger ale.

17 & 8 are still bright & chipper, not feeling poorly at all. Though they were sick just before Christmas so maybe we were just late getting the bug they had back then. I don’t know but I’m tired of being nauseous & am forcing liquids to try to ‘wash’ the bug out. The weather was lovely today, though other than trying to keep the sun out of my eyes while I was napping & being aware that I didn’t need to light the heater it didn’t make much of an impression on me.


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