Thoughts While Waiting For the Scanner to Scan Pictures

Every work night now, I’m on-line for a little while, scanning pictures for a co-worker’s blog. Some nights there are only 2 or 3 ‘toons to scan, some nights there are a lot, tonight I have 3 or 4 from today & a bunch from over the weekend.


It must be nice to be so creative & prolific. I am envious on one level but then, on others I’m glad I’m me. I’m, for the most part, happy with everything right this minute, (well, except maybe the ex’s continued off & on presence, but if we can work out our ugly karma in this lifetime so much the better)

One of the problems with scanning is that I forget I’m doing it, I change the picture, set it to do the preview & then forget that I was even using the scanner & get involved in other stuff. Sometimes I can only tell where I was in the process because the picture shows up sideways in the preview!

Even with 8 or 10 of them to do it really doesn’t take that long to get them stored, The cropping takes time but I reserve that for days off. Just makes things easier & makes me more pleasant the next day if I’ve had 8 hours of sleep- which continued computer use after the pictures are scanned discourages.


When dealing with kids- especially teenagers you really have to take the good with the bad. Today I was thrilled because 17 carried on with my putting away the Christmas decorations & took down her tree upstairs & the big tree in my living room. I came home to a nice clean living room, no pine needles on the carpet, no tree mouldering in the corner.

However while I was on my way home tonight I pulled my phone out of my purse to see if I had any text messages, 17 had actually left me a voice mail & I nearly drove off the road during my hurry to try to check the message, I decided to just call her direct & so dialed the number, as I was asking her what was wrong I drove into a valley & lost signal (there are a lot of dead valleys & not just a few dead mountains- where you just can’t get signal. No. Matter. What. in my area)

When I got signal back & called her back she explained that everyone was alright & that she just wanted me to know, before I got home & went to the bathroom, what had happened with the sink. The sink now has 2 large broken pieces in the front left corner, it had a hairline crack before.

When she went to take a bath she wanted to use a really cool bath fizzy I had purchased for her at the Harvest Moon, it is pomegranate scented & very large, our tub drains quickly even with the plug in & so she didn’t want to waste the whole thing on a tub full of water which would drain out of her control in just a half hour, she’d done the whole thing before on Christmas night & so thought nothing of knocking the ball, in it’s own Ziploc bag it was purchased in, against the corner of the sink, however, instead of the ball breaking off a chunk, the sink broke off 2 chunks!

Hmm, no Christmas tree vs. broken sink, I think she may be in my debt a little today, lucky for her she got the laundry off the line before it started raining, took the Christmas lights off the front of the house & did most of the dishes tonight.


So I watched the movie Holiday with Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn last night while folding mountains of clothes, I liked it a lot, especially the huge house. I know there were many such houses back in the day, I wonder whether they’re still single family dwellings now or not.

Work was a bad place to be today, rain on the west coast where they don’t get it much & so are in denial about satellite signal & rain, just general malaise everywhere else in the country, I hate calls where people tell me they’ve been dealing with no signal or something for weeks on end & have never called about it before, first I always think, ‘so why did  you have to call today & ruin my day?’ & also why wait, if there’s a problem call asap because we can’t fix it it if we don’t know about it, or as if they deserve some badge for ‘suffering’ without tv for a certain amount of time.


One down, one to go though, as my boss likes to say it’s always Monday or Friday on this schedule & once I’m through tomorrow I can look forward to Tuesday off. I was thinking seriously about how hard it’s going to be when 17 moves out this summer, to work 5 8 hour days in a row- even if I am home at 6:15 every night & maybe even off Saturday & Sunday-5 days in a row is a tough ride after nearly 3 years of 4 10 or 11 hour days, 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off.

But unless they move us back to the 9-8 schedule before June or July I’m going to have to change, no babysitter in their right mind, not even 17’s friend V who has offered to take over 17’s job, wants to be at my house until 11:45 pm, even only 4 nights a week. Most nights when I come home 17’s already asleep too & I have the house to myself, quiet except for the snores of the children!


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