Sunshine Saturday

We’ve had a fairly nice, laid back day here at the house of Beck. I let miss 11 sleep in my room last night because she asks every single non-work or school night & because it was cold- I figured we’d both be warmer that way & we were.

Around 7 mr 8 crawled in with us & used my arm as a pillow, when I fell back to sleep I dreamed we were all at Patuckaway state park in NH, it was winter though, the ex was there too & he seemed to be a park ranger, there was a problem & another park ranger had gone to see what the problem was & we were all waiting (the kids & I) for the ex to be done so we could go somewhere else (don’t know where- but it seemed important) but the ex couldn’t leave until the other ranger came back- so basically I dreamed I was in the parking lot of the beach area with 3 surly kids in a car arguing with the ex off & on because he wouldn’t leave & we needed to go. Ugh, I hate when dreams are so close to reality that it’s like you lived it!

When mr 8 got up I woke & decided since it was barely 9 that I’d sleep for another 20 minutes or so- next thing I knew it was an hour later & miss 11 was waking up too. We made breakfast/brunch of cinnamon rolls & 17 deigned to come down & eat with us, the bf also shared in our brunch & we all chatted around the heater in the dining room for over an hour.

Yesterday 8 & 11 latched onto the digital camera & tried to make a documentary about the ‘evil teenager’ got footage of her walking up to the car at the highschool when we picked her up & everything! But she erased it, today they all were taking turns making clips, nothing you-tube worthy yet but I seem to have 3 budding directors here in the house so we’ll see what happens- at least as long as the battery holds out.


Then 17 & the bf took themselves off to the upstairs so 17 could do her makeup etc so they could go play D&D or something. Someone was bringing a crossbow they got for Christmas so I fear the worst.

Next up 11 & I (& 8 under pressure) put away all the Christmas stuff except the outside lights, the tree & the snow village displays. I’m happy because the box I bought this year for storage makes it so at most I may need 1 more box next year & then all my Christmas decorations (except the snow village) will be in plastic tubs instead of falling apart cardboard boxes.

I then began hanging fresh laundry on the line & conned 17’s bf into coming down & outside to tighten up the clotheslines, he’d done them for me the day before Christmas & one was great but the other was actually a little worse than before he’d tried to tighten it so he tried again (this time without any clothes on the line, as there were last time, & it worked much better.

8 & 11 were cleaning their rooms during this & 11 brought all her clothes downstairs & we sorted them out, she tried on nearly everything, everything but the really big shirts she wears as nightgowns in the summer because we already knew those fit. I was shocked & appalled at all the t-shirts she has, many passed on from 17, also from Chrissea’s daughter Sami & cousin J’s daughter.

Either Tuesday or next weekend I have to do the same for 8. He’s much less tractable when it comes to trying on clothes than 11, there’s a lot of yelling & moaning when we test his clothes out but it still has to be done, the concern with 11 is growth, with 8 it’s often how stained, though I’ve noticed a bunch of his pant legs are becoming too short for him all of a sudden too.

I actually managed to acquire a couple of pairs of jeans for each of them last night at Goodwill, & a new shirt for each of them too. As Goodwill trips go it was great- I can’t wait to go back when the tax refund comes in. I’m already looking forward to the tax refund more than is healthy. I’m most excited about the fact that I’ll be able to go up & down stairs soon, anytime I want I can go see what 17’s about in her room & help 11 clean hers.

Then, in the summer when 17 & the bf move in together (he told me today the friend the are visiting today knows of a house, nearly next door to him, which rents for just $370. a month- very mixed emotions on this whole thing) 8 will move up there & I’ll only have to look at the messes that are their rooms if I actually want to & go all the way upstairs, not like now, where every time I walk through the dining room 8’s disaster area of a room assails my senses.


The Sorting out of 11’s clothing took longer than I expected, a whole movie & another half of one. 11 took the big stuff & the warm weather shorts & tank tops etc up & I left the rest of the clothes to be re-sorted later tonight because some of these things are so old & thin & stained that I want to go back through & take some more out, but of course 11 wants to keep everything & was in total denial on many things as to how they fit etc. I had to actually sneak a few ridiculously small things into the giveaway box behind her back.

Of course, on top of sorting out her clothes I have 3 loads of laundry to sort & fold too so I’ll be busy all evening. The only question is what to watch, I’m just catching up on my movie viewing now because the writers strike has stopped my favorite shows cold in their tracks, I’m also wondering how this is going to affect the alleged February comeback of my favorite tv show Jericho. CBS Claims on their website that they’re going to be starting it up February 12. I actually started recording the shows I didn’t watch this year like Numbers & Ugly Betty because there’s just nothing else on, time however, may prohibit my actually watching them.

I remember my Grandmother telling me about the boss she had back in the 1960s he lived alone & every night he’d go home, eat a TV dinner in front of the tv & only watch whatever NBC showed, every night from the time he arrived home until after the 11 pm news. Then, in the summer he watched what ever was on either ABC or CBS the same way & pick up on their tv shows in re-runs, didn’t matter what it was, whatever the network he was watching was showing, he watched it. I can’t imagine not thinking about what you’re watching & choosing what to view.

We went out to get kerosene & picked up random stuff for dinner, 11 & I had buffalo chicken, 8 had chicken noodle soup & we all had Texas toast & corn. I’ve got to complete some cleaning around here, take a shower & settle down to sort 11’s stuff & sort & fold the laundry for the whole family tonight, before it gets much later.

camwritin.jpg Me sitting on the steps soaking in some sunshine before going to the back of the house to hang laundry on the line: Watcha writing?

8: I like…cats.


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