Friday Findings

It is a law of nature (rather like Murphy’s laws) that as soon as you hook up your cell phone to try to download stuff people will call. People never call me! But today as soon as I tried to mess around with my MP3 player on my phone people called & when it was all over (ending in despair again) I had 3 voice mails.

Of course one was the satelite tv company because my bill is late (when you have a substantial employee credit on the bill you get sloppy about paying it- I see it all the time with co-workers & when employees call in & I have to talk to them) There was another random bill collection thing & 11’s mentor from the school, it’s homevisit time again.


I’m so glad we changed mentors though, this one is a grandmother & so has seen kids & been around kids in settings other than profesional, unlike last year’s version. 11 was telling me that they shuffle them around every year so it’s questionable who we’ll end up with next year. I wonder what the training is on that job, I bet I’d like it better than my current one.

I’ve been busy this morning, paying bills, laundry, both washing it & hanging it on the line (so nice to have the temperature be over40 – I’m looking forward to next week when we’re going back to the 60’s too) I tried again with the MP3 on the phone because I discovered earlier this week while I was looking for an envelope to store a cd in, that I had the wrong chip the whole time last time I was trying to get it to work.


See first I bought a chip & the phone said it was the wrong one, so I put it in it’s little plastic box & went on with my life for a few more months, then I tried again & insisted the Radio Shack people let me try the chip in the phone to make sure the phone supported it. They did, I bought the chip & went home, a few days passed & I tried the chip at first it worked I got to put maybe 20 songs on the chip, then I wanted to add more & it wouldn’t work anymore, the phone would just keep rebooting. I called kyocerra & they had me pull the chip & it was the wrong size.

I chalked it up to a bad experience & decided to wait for tax time to try again (well, I did try buying one online but they sent me the wrong thing & I still don’t have my money back on that experience but who’s counting) then this week I opened the cupboard in my desk & there’s the correct size chip in it’s original package smiling at me- apparently when I went to use it I got it confused with the too big chip & was using the wrong one the whole time.

The correct sized chip (512mb) didn’t actually change a damn thing, my phone still reboots when the music is accessed. However, the digital camera I bought 2 years ago at Christmas time (& only just paid off 6 months ago) did support the big chip, (1gb) so I’ve been playing around with the digital camera for the last 15 minutes & enjoying myself with that at least a little, with out kids to photograph or videotape, it’s not much fun.


Not that I’m actually excited about the kids coming home from school (15 minutes now) It’s been a nice quiet morning & I’m sorry to see it come to an end, especially since it means that it’s time to go grocery shopping. I also have to face the music at the DMV about the fact that my plates on my car expired on 12/31/07 & it is now 4 days after that fact.

A co-worker got pulled over for expired plates last month (though his had expired back in October) & got a fine of something like $75 bucks, I am hoping that the DMV doesn’t levy those fines, only if the police catch you, of course, I have to go to town today to pick up 17 at school & cash a check so as to have money to pay bills with & so it’s a possibillity that I could get pulled over still.


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