Wouldn’t it be nice…

If we could all stay home & Blog every day?    bent-mt-the-bottom-2.jpg

Or if we all had computer access from our work desks (assuming you work from a desk, I do but I can’t use the internet- this great big blue “surf control” message comes up if I try)  & could blog all we wanted.

I’m sorely tempted to attempt to post every day this year. Posting at 1230 am on work nights, for the day ahead is something of a cheat though.

I feel like one positive to trying to post every day is that my posts might get a little shorter- I’d be the first to admit I run long.

This day was long & ugly. It began at 5:50 am with the warning system my children’s school has instituted calling me to tell me there was a 2 hour delay. then 30 minute later they sent a text, yes this is my fault for signing up for both & then losing the link to go back & change it to one or the other. However why 30 minutes apart & why were they delaying school? There wasn’t a flake to be found on the ground, the car or the trees.

Then at work it was something akin to doomsday. Horrible evil customers were calling in angry & rude & the computer program we use now (the old one, which for 18+ months everybody’s been whining about missing & saying was perfect) crashed. Crashed & burned so bad they put us back on the evil, awful, slllooowww program we had been using for the past 18 months for almost half the day.

It was interesting comparing the two programs in the same day like that. I find there are things which are useful in one which the other doesn’t even begin to touch & the same of the other too. If only they weren’t such big programs so our computers could run both at the same time.

But the IT people say it can’t be that way so I guess it can’t. I will say that we never caught up from the delays with the computers & everyone I talked to today had been waiting 45 minutes or so. It wasn’t pretty.

I can’t imagine how people who do jobs where they only talk to angry people all day manage to maintain. I come home feeling like I’ve been run through a meat grinder & then steamrolled.

My job, as it stands on a normal day is stressful. Today it was insufferable. At lunch a coworker & I who had ordered chinese food in consulted & got a code word ready so if things stayed the same we could go into fake food poisoning mode & leave at the same time.

Yes. it was that bad.


2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be nice…

  1. I’d love to do the blog every day challenge, but I plan on going somewhere on vacation and for that reason, I wouldn’t do it. I don’t believe in vacation blogging. 🙂

  2. I have the kind of job where people yell and swear frequently. It takes a HUGE emotional toll. The job I am at now is WAY better than the job in corrections I had for over 5 years where in addition to being sworn at we were spit on, thrown things at, etc etc. I don’t know how I managed.

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