@#%&*! (you can quote me on that)


So it’s new years, yes, small case, nothing new here, same old same old at work (though I will admit that the change back in our computer program at work has made things a little less stressful. )

Yesterday at work I talked to 8 drunks, one of whom was within 45 minutes of getting on the phone at work- that made it 11:45 my time, that might be ok in some situations, but the guy was calling from California, that means it was 8:45 am there! Nothing like starting early.

Halfway through my day, 15 minutes before my ‘lunch’ ended at 4:45 I checked my phone & found a voicemail from the ex. Not how I wanted to spend my new years eve- worrying about yet another visit.

I guess I’m going to have to get used to it, apparently, he’s going to be in NC at his army base for at least another 13 months- just 2 & 1/2 hours away as he keeps cheerfully reminding me.


If we were still married yesterday would have been our 14th wedding anniversary & add 18 months to that for when we actually got together as a couple. Amazing how quickly time flies & how little I even look back at that space of time.

I wasn’t going to make any resolutions, I know enough, at this age, that the universe loves to make you break resolutions, promises & make you a liar when ever you ‘promise’ anything. So I find resolutions to be self-defeating.

That said, I’m going to try to start living closer to my beliefs & being a little more celebratory of my own personal religious/spiritual choice. I want to really make what we do for the holidays a more accurate representation of my personal choices in these matters.

11 & 8 were more impressed with the ball drop than 17 was the first year that she stayed up for it.  She’s gotten more into it over the years herself, she & the BF were intrigued by the idea of the tradition that what ever you are doing at midnight is what you’ll be doing all year long & of course, kissed at midnight.

I am horrified that my kids go back to school tomorrow, but happy that Friday I’ll be home alone until 3 when they come home & we go out grocery shopping & bill paying. I’ll also be back to normal then with my weekly schedule, working 3 days in a row to make up for having Xmas Eve off was grueling & something I won’t willingly repeat (at least, not until next Xmas)


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