Work Life & Holidays

Where did the time go? I know there was a week there, I vaguely remember making cookies last Saturday, a very long day without my distraction (co-worker) on Sunday & running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off on Monday- delivering cookies, helping Chrissea try to jump start her car, doing last minute Christmas shopping for 17’s BF at the grocery store & wrapping, wrapping, wrapping presents with Chrissea.


Christmas day went very well, we had a nice pancake breakfast, opened presents, made dinner, I rearranged my china cupboards while the turkey roasted & the kids played video games & Chrissea went to get K her boyfriend to have dinner with us, we played scrabble after a lovely dinner & I got all the dishes done before bed (A Christmas miracle indeed)


Wednesday 17 & I had a large argument by phone because she felt put upon by the general clutter around the house & Chrissea encountered more car trouble including some trouble on her way out to get me at work when she slipped & hurt herself on her house’s front steps meaning I had to bum a ride from a co-worker to her house to get my car.


Thursday I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t the last day of my week (as it normally would be) I had traded Monday for Friday & so was working 3 12 hour days in a row instead of 2. Things were not ‘hunky dory’ between a co-worker & I as they were feeling put upon due to my request of the ride to Chrissea’s the night before. Then when I offered to try to make it up to them (In multiple ways I might add) they insisted they didn’t want anything.


Friday was horrible, just terrible. First I’m at work for a third day in a row, at 11 in the morning to start, then there were some problems with my phone where I couldn’t hear & the customers couldn’t hear me either, then half way through the day the 4 or 5 other people in my group who swapped Monday & Friday went home sick. All of them. En Masse.

I was about ready to cry when my time at work was over at 11 pm last night. Add to that there are no stores open for miles around when I get out of work. There is one all night gas station near the highway or the 24 hour Walmart which is about 4 miles away, so nowhere to stop & get anything or do anything, I came home messed with the computer for a half hour or so & went to bed.

Today has been quiet & messy, dishes to do, beds to change, rooms to pick up over & over again, laundry washed & dried & more laundry which was hung on the line on Wednesday before the rain & pulled down by the rain had to be shaken out & re-hung, then I came in, watched the news to find that tomorrow we’re getting more rain! I’m glad of the rain though, we did a wash, dishes & there were 2 showers taken today but we’re not out of water yet- (a good thing because I have to do more dishes when I’m through here!)


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