A year in review- blog style

January I had a revelation today, (well, really 2 or 3) this morning I got up & since it’s not supposed to get much over 30 degrees here I went to fill my heater,

February 2007 If I was going to write a book 90 % of what I do every day would have no bearing on anything in the book. I think that doesn’t say much for my life.


March Ride along on Beck & Chrissea’s So-so adventure.

April I am MAD tonight, furious, raging & worst yet helpless. I was sad last night, for many reasons,

May I’ve been ruminating on the drive to work, I talked to a person on the phone the other day at work who said they had an hour & a half commute to work though the job was only about 20 miles away from his home.


June So I am thinking about giving up Diet Coke. I have my reasons-

July Did you ever get the feeling today wasn’t going to be your day? Really though, it’s looking more like not my week.

August A day (off) in my life In Pictures of course-!


September On Thursday I received a phone call first thing in the morning at work on my cell phone. It was from the local superintendent of schools- yes- imagine my surprise

October OK I know we need the rain. I know we were going on -14 inches below normal.

November Holidays- Satan’s revenge? So everything is going along nicely, looks like Christmas should be good this year, I know where the money’s coming from for the gifts,


December When I was madly cleaning house on Friday I didn’t even think about the used tissues on the end table near the couch, just swept them into a grocery bag


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