Short & Surly

Well not really surly but I’ve got 8 mice to make & only 3 hours left before I go to bed so I can’t stay online long, after taking care of the ‘serious business’ on the computer (email & some responsibilites on a blog I take care of)  I have already been an hour on here!

The trip to Richmond & back was stressful at first because it was sleeting & icy, Chrissea wrote about it too & she drove the whole way there, it was slippery in the left lane & nerve wracking every time we had to pass a slower moving vehicle- eventually we drove out of the sleet & snow, into rain & then it cleared. (It was bad enough here in my county that they called off school-so no school sanctioned Christmas parties for 11 & 8)

bent-mtn-the-bottom.jpg The view from the bottom of Bent Mtn in Roanoke County on Friday midday. I have to drive all the way up there & then another 45 miles to get home!

Chrissea’s daughter slept most of the way & was apropriately sad to go- but at the same time excited by the whole thing- especially since there were a lot of unacompanied minors & at least 4 or 5 were the male of the species.

Chrissea & I had a nice breakfast in Richmond & drove back as the skies in Richmond started to lower with the rain coming in from the west. I drove at first but was having a lot of trouble keeping my eyes open- even with the napping I did in the car on the way there & the 2 hours of sleep at Chrissea’s before we left.  So Chrissea took over driving again & I dozed some more.


We arrived in Roanoke & Chrissea got her motel room & I went home- on the way I stopped & cashed a check to have money for groceries & Christmas shopping, then as soon as I got home I had to run back out & meet up with someone from the elementary school to pick up some things they had collected for us.  (I had thought I would be able to nap for an hour or two- especially since the kids were supposed to be in school- not so though, after putting away the school’s goodies it was as late as if 11 & 8 had gone to school & 17 & the BF had already left so we went off to C’burg.)

The Friday evening experience was about like you’d figure, everyone & their brother were in town preparing for the holiday. We did well to get finished & out by 9 & home before 10. By the time everything was put away we were all thoughroly tired & cranky & went off to bed.


Today has been cookies, fudge, truffles & more cookies. I never want to see a rolling pin again. I also know I’m going to be sick with the too much sugar taste in my throat tomorrow & I am certain I won’t eat another Christmas cookie between now & next Christmas!



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