Much to do, little time for it.

This will be short, I’d love to post pictures of our gingerbread house (with addition due to the spare pre-cut gingerbread pieces left over from the gingerbread house kit I bought last year & didn’t put together because my grandmother died & from the 14th to th 21 we were in MA last year) but I didn’t read the instructions until today as we were all grouped around ready to decorate it & so I didn’t know that you have to put the pieces together & let the royal icing dry overnight before you can decorate it!


So that will wait until sometime Tuesday or another day between now & Xmas, I’d love to post pictures of our Christmas tree, but though it’s standing in the living room it’s still undecorated, because our day was just generally crazy & really, we did well to get the tree into the stand & in the house.


We got just a little distracted with the village, we put an ocean scene in the bathroom last night, & just seeing me throw a few things up there got 11 & 8 really excited about the whole thing, but first thing this morning it was cold & the house was a mess so I said we had to clean up first thing (mean mommy)


Then we started looking at the houses, we used not even half of what we had & I’m feeling fairly intent on having some sort of a table out in the garage by next Xmas for the whole Christmas village to be out in one complete spread. However, we watched an extreme Xmas Decorating show on tv the other night & two or three of the homes displayed villages, but they were all pretty much done in a stacked effect, just displayed, with a little road in front of them. I want to do more than that.


11 did the setting in the Kitchen & 8 did the one in our dining room, with a little help from me on both, it was all their own choice on what buildings to use & how to set them up. They did a really good job if I do say so myself.


Then of course, there’s the ice & freezing rain, I’ve lost half of this post twice because of the weather affecting my internet (one of those drawbacks that those of us in DBS tend to play down – those who aren’t in tech support that is, we techies tell the truth- because we don’t want to hear about it later when you call in complaining of weather related signal loss) I am still holding out hope that the weather will clear out tomorrow morning in time for me to go to work. (Or get ‘rilly rilly bad’ so I don’t have to go at all)

If I don’t have to work we’ll do the tree tomorrow, as it stands Tuesday will be all cookies for 11 & 8’s school parties & tree decorating!


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