Sick Again

When I was madly cleaning house on Friday I didn’t even think about the used tissues on the end table near the couch, just swept them into a grocery bag I was going around with & filling with trash the kids had left around.

17 has had a cold & sore throat for a few days & it didn’t occur to me that she would have left tissues around like that (she’s usually a neat freak) But the cold had made her draggy & miserable so she hadn’t picked up the way she usually does.

I thought a lot about 17’s cold & the tissues on the table on the way home from C’burg Friday night though, as the tickle in my throat rapidly became pain & even more as I choked on, & gargled salt water Friday night & again Saturday a couple of times.


I will say for myself, that in the past 2 & ½ years since we moved into the house (from the old, drafty, moldy trailer) I have been sick a lot less, that’s probably got something to do with the improved living conditions & also with the healthier breakfasts I’m eating, I have a soy protein drink for breakfast every day since April 2006 & have had many less colds & other illnesses from then on.


When I do get sick though, it’s a bad one, the past 2 days at work I was so stuffy & my throat was so sore that many people couldn’t understand me on the phone. I left in frustration & pain on Monday night 2 hours early. There is only so much I can do & last night spelling ”theme” to one more person who couldn’t understand me was just more than I could handle.

I came home, visited with the kids for a little & as soon as they had gone to bed I took some cheapo NyQuil watched the news & knew no more until 715 this morning when 11 came in looking for a hair brush. I got up, had breakfast & a conversation with Auntie J. on the phone.

It was the kind of conversation I like, she talked & I made encouraging comments, having no voice makes that easier, people don’t feel like they’re doing wrong by doing all the talking, & I prefer to listen than to talk.


I heard that my Sister in Law got married the other day, at home. That my ex is planning to be at his moms on Christmas, (interesting, since I’ll be at home & don’t intend to go anywhere) that Auntie wants to have the kids to her house for Christmas Eve, even though I’ll be at work. I also decided that with the ex in the area it would be better if 17 & the BF (with the car- very convenient that he has his own car- especially in the 17 learning to drive department) took 11 & 8 to Auntie’s for the evening.

Funny, the ex is the ex but I didn’t put ex in front of sister in law or auntie, I guess it’s like they say, you divorce the person, not the family. (especially if there are kids involved) I actually get along better with the ex’s family now that he & I are divorced than I did when he & I were married.

2 weeks to Christmas, you’ll see no exclamation points here after that statement. I juggled finances & juggled them, but the money I was going to use for Christmas gifts, which seemed so much when I was doing my finances, is already nearly gone, & I have 3 presents for each kid, plus a couple of stocking stuffers.

I’ve got some money still in the bank to use for more gifts & at least the cooking needs for the cookies are all purchased (a good thing too, because with not getting 12/24 off I’m going to have to cook early & go on delivery rounds (for all but the family, who the kids will see on 12/24) on 12/22. I have re-juggled finances again & am going squeeze out another few gifts from my 12/21 paycheck too.

Really though, I dropped the ball on planning my finances better so as to have some money saved for the holidays. It’s never easy though & the hot water heater really messed things up for me badly. “here kids, you’ve got hot water for showers & dishes, water which comes out in a nice, heavy, even spray now, instead of a trickle like we were used to- Merry Christmas” Yeah, sounds bad to me too.

Over & above that though, I still don’t have the trunk fixed. The other night on the 4 & 1/2 miles of interstate highway I travel on my way home from work I saw a car coming up fast in the left lane (I was in the right lane) I thought it might be one of my co-workers but when, as I was watching, they suddenly braked & pulled in behind my car I wasn’t so sure.

As I got off the exit ramp a few minutes later & the car right on my bumper did too I was a little scared, watching in the rear view to see if they were going to follow me left off the exit or take a right, another car came off the ramp behind the one right on top of me & I saw the light bars- a state trooper! I subtly (as subtly as I could at least) put my seatbelt on & took my left turn.

The cop drove across the road & back up on the highway via the entrance ramp across from my exit ramp, I’m not sure if he’d just received radio info that I was just a commuter, obviously going home from work (albeit, at 11:10 at night) or that I didn’t have any warrants (this was on the same day we went to court for the rear end collision & told the judge I hadn’t had it fixed because it was deer season, as in they’re too busy fixing deer collisions, or hunting or what I was trying to say there, I’m not sure but he accepted it) Or if pressing business was going on up the highway from there, but he didn’t actually pull me over thank goodness.

Still, it’s now something I think about every time I get in the car, they can pull me over for this & I have no real reason for not having it fixed yet, except that the money ran out & the 3 garages I did call either never called me back or said they were too busy to take on another job at the time.

Of course my inspection runs out in January so I’ll have to get it done by then, but it has to wait until after tax time in order for me to be able to pay for it. I was doing the numbers in my head last night & I’ve just seen an increase of $1.33 per hour in my pay rate, times 80 hours in a check that’s $106.40 a pay period & $212.80 in a month, that is nearly enough for a car payment, but at least, as of last week- the first paycheck with the new hourly wage on it- it didn’t seem like much more. I know my tax bracket didn’t change (with multiple dependents etc, I pay about 12% out of each paycheck for federal, state, fica & med taxes, & also including a loan payback of aprox $20. a pay period)

Funny how things that seem great on paper don’t make much difference when you actually live with it (though if I catch up everything I’ll be behind on after December in January things should be pretty good by February)


5 thoughts on “Sick Again

  1. Michele sent me on this visit today, and I’m about to swig some nyquil myself and toddle off to bed, but I do hope you feel better soon.

    And thanks for mentioning inspections. Ours is due also

  2. Michele sent me to wish you happy Christmas, and I hope you feel better soon. My money would be nearly gone too, if I had 3 presents for each of my kids. We never gave them that many – though it depends on the cost of each item, I suppose. I think Americans tend to go overboard on Christmas more than most, and of course kids want what their friends have, which must make it hard for many families at this time of year.

  3. As usual, I’m doing all this financial Bull too. Sami is headed to Mass. for Christmas so maybe we can get together on one of our days off and try to celebrate slightly! I wouldn’t mind an eggnog and brandy, once I get the child to Nana’s.

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