Done & I’m on to the Next One

I know that’s supposed to be the way it works, things happen & you go on to the next thing. But having grown up bored out of my skull (another thing homeschooling gave me- too much free time) I was always looking for things to do. A weekend at my Uncle & Aunt’s house meant a week of lists beforehand, I’d be planning what I’d wear when & how much shampoo & conditioner I’d need to pack etc.

Every little thing was blown up into a big deal. In later years, with babies & young children I was on the go all the time. Doctors, groceries, my ex’s band practice & shows, it was crazy, then we moved back to VA again in 1997 & things slowed down somewhat. Though it was still busy with family & friends. Since my divorce It’s been really quiet, I don’t date, I barely see friends, other than the occasional visit with Chrissea or antiquing with a co-worker.  On my days off I am home, online, reading or watching tv, we still have doctors appointments & every other Friday is a payday & requires grocery shopping.

However, a visit with the ex, the holiday, a nearly full day of work, taking a friend of 17’s to pick up a car from their extended family, grocery shopping,  doing somewhere with the ex & the kids on Saturday, it’s going to be non stop this weekend. I haven’t been so busy in years. Well, ok Months, after all just before vacation we’re usually pretty busy then too- still though, it’s a weird weekend to be sure & I bet I’m going to need that Paid day off I have coming to me on Monday to rest up for a co-worker’s & my trip back to Mt Airy NC on Tuesday to begin Christmas shopping.


One thought on “Done & I’m on to the Next One

  1. Hello, Michelle sent me.

    Every now and then I have those weird weekends too. It seems that I can go ages where everything is just boring routine. Then out of the blue, I have a ton of things that need to all get done in a short period of time.

    Enjoy the break from the monotony.

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