Happy Thanksgiving?

I’m at work. Of course, Listening to people complain because they can’t watch stupid football games which won’t matter in a year because there will be other games then.

The other people I get to talk to on Thanksgiving are lonely people, people who have no families, no friends, no co-workers who can stand them. It’s depressing to no end.


But I had to share my co-worker’s picture, done in response to my snarling about Thanksgiving in general & the ex showing up this year in specific.

If only I’d had an accurate representation of the ex’s face so it wasn’t a turkey under Gloomy Doomy’s axe!


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving?

  1. Hi there, Becky. The sad flip side of any major holiday is that there are a whole lot of people for whom this time is anything but happy. And you, for better or for worse, work in an industry that sees this all first-hand. You’re a better person than I, because I’d be biting everyone’s head off in the process.

    Popped by from Michele’s tonight to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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