Do You Ever wonder?

Just who’s looking at your blog?

I accept & expect that people who google lip piercing are going to end up here. 17’s lip piercing last year was a big deal for both of us.


But some of the oddball stuff like “gypsies in body stockings”, “i ate doritos and my face swelled up” “ugliest kimberly ever seen” & “redneck porch toilet” Well you have to wonder (or at least I do) what, on my blog, pulled google here. I have never used the work redneck, that I know of, on this blog.

Others I have to think the person searching didn’t find quite what they were looking for: “people speaking real slowly” “mother on drugs” “baby gagging and throw up solid food” & “my mother swimming” just aren’t here. At. All.

There are some, like the lip piercing stuff, that I get hits for nearly every day. Such as


“blizzard of 78” “Teen + long nails”


“colorful 1960’s Hippy outfits” or some derivative of these & other common things, like “Miss 17” & homeschooling.

But a lot of these are really from left field & when I try to go back & search for the link they got to my blog via, it almost never works! I admit I rarely go more than 4 or 5 pages through the search but still, how obsessed are these people that they’re checking 10 or 12 pages of search information about people speaking slowly or Doritos?


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