What I did on My Days Off…

Well, not much really, or more accurately a whole lot of nothing!

Friday I relaxed & messed around on-line a lot of the day, I cut snowflakes on the computer- much more satisfying than with scissors! I had a text discussion with 17 about her leaving school early again, I refused to come get her & she tried to find a ride home after her third period class because all she has after that is Lunch & study hall, (they only do 4 periods a day at the high-school & 2 semesters) She was unable to find a ride & so was stuck at school as she should be- at least until May when they turn her & her co-students loose on an unsuspecting world.

I did do 2 loads of laundry & hung laundry on the line, some of it was stuff I would have preferred to have on the line but 17 had put it in the dryer instead so it was already slightly dry, which meant that after an hour & a half I went back with more wet laundry & was able to take about one full line of clothes back in dry already, however, the stuff I had washed that morning & brought out wet, were freezing in shape on the line, it was only about 41 yesterday, it was sunny but there was a terrible wind. Not too good for clothes drying I must say.


The 4th through 7th graders were having a dance at the Elementary school & so Miss 11 stayed for that, meaning that 8 came home on the bus himself & we got a few things together & left to pick up 17. After picking her up we did a few errands, money from the bank, the Harvest Moon for various & assorted stuff, like handcream for my desk at work & spices for cooking which we were nearly out of, got bolts at the hardware store for me to put my desk chair back together, the bolts were apparently not installed very tightly, because they were all falling out of the chair! I had the guy give me some thicker & slightly longer ones & I put the chair back together later Friday night.

After some discussion we rode out to a distant church with a fairly flat parking lot &  I traded seats with Miss 17, she actually did really well at first, she drove in first gear around the entire church & actually managed to shift up to second gear twice, the first time she slowed too much while shifting & the car lugged a little, the second time she did just fine. Then we went down the road to the nearest stop sign, about 1/4 mile, she did fine but a truck came along in the opposite direction & she got nervous & made me trade back with her.  Not too bad for her first try in a stick shift (back when I had a Subaru Legacy with an automatic transmission she drove it 3 times for about a half a mile each time- she was 14 & very nervous)

We were running out of gas so we went back to town & filled the gas tank, rented Shrek3 & discussed dinner, I had been planning on getting something out but hadn’t been planning on feeding 17 & the BF, 17 called the BF & he was out at the grocery store with the guy who’s been driving him  back & forth to work since he hit the deer & the headlights/wiring don’t work right all the time in his car. He said he’d stop on the way home with his co-worker & get something so I took 8 & 17 to Hardees, we went through the drive through & then went to the elementary school & picked up 11 at her dance,

8 had insisted it ended at 6 & I took his word for it but we were through with errands & so I decided to pick her up early, it actually ended at 5 & we picked her up at 520 so we were really a little late. 11 wasn’t the last one picked up though, for which I was glad. My Father was perpetually late picking me up at all kinds of events when I was a kid & I was always so embarrassed about it!

Home again & I settled in here at the computer reading & writing some other things that have currently captured my attention. Then 11 & 8 were ready to watch Shrek3 & so I quit on the computer & watched that with them, it was pretty good, I think 2 was my favorite though. I caught up on a few more shows & balanced my checkbook, figured out my finances with the new pay in place.

I should explain, the maximum increase is 22%, no one knows until 12/7, which will be the first paycheck with the raises on it, how much exactly, my boss laid it out to me this way on Wednesday night as we were leaving, (e hadn’t gotten to me in his taking people off the phone to explain it to them yet & I told him I couldn’t go home & go to sleep without at least some idea of whether I got the raise or not {there are qualifiers & I was right on the edge on my attendance} so he told me I did make it, I of course, asked how much would I get & he said it would be a minimum of $2 & as much as 22% depending on how much we were each making already- so I’m doing my financial planning at + $2. which puts me over $15 an hour. That’s peanuts to most people, I know, but it’s great for me.


So, great as it is, it’s not enough for me to be able to just go out & shop for Christmas, I’m going to be putting off the Mortgage by 1 check because I can’t pull it off & give the kids much of anything, my co-workers were going on about putting some of that additional money into their IRA’s & stuff. Mine, I hope to have a Christmas club next year!

Of course, most of my co-workers, no, now that I think about it, all of my co-workers on my current team, don’t have kids in the house, there are a few older people, including my boss, who have adult children & grandchildren even, but no one seems to have kids in the house with them that they have to feed & clothe. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just that my own thoughts & needs are different from everyone around me & that is always a little odd.

When the kids got me up this morning it was because they were crawling into bed with me to get warm. Not a pleasant awakening. We had to go out first thing because I hadn’t had time or inclination to pick up groceries last night & since I was making beef borginon for dinner & hadn’t picked up any wine yet we had to go to town before I could start it. Off we went to drop off the DVD, get groceries at Food Lion & check the mail at the Post Office.

All went well but while I was there I got carried away with the whole Thanksgiving Day stuff & ended up calling 17 to consult as to what she wanted to cook, we got potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, green beans for casserole, stuff for her to make a pumpkin pie etc.


Then we came home & with 8 & 11’s help I made bread, set it to rise & started the stew, while the stew simmered we went back out to have 17 do another drive in my car, the church we went to had a bigger parking lot, a beautiful view & no one around, but it was on a larger slant than I remembered it being.

I don’t think we did my clutch any good this afternoon but we did have fun, we drove the long way there, went by the place where we saw the bear during the summer & our old house from when we first moved back down here in 1997, 17 practiced both forward & reverse & drove the mile from the church to the house we used to live in (no one seems to live there now- people from NC seem to use it as a hunting cabin a few times a year & that’s all) She stalled the car before pulling into the driveway & I had to run around to the drivers side to pull it off the road because someone was coming up behind us in a truck.

17 was so nervous about staying on the road & steering I decided we’d better get the BF’s car, because although it’s not great it’s an automatic & she can practice steering & getting used to these curving roads around here so we went & traded cars with the BF & drove around for about an hour. The BF is getting a better car on the day after Thanksgiving & so I’m hoping we can keep working on this. We have to log the time she spends behind the wheel, she has to drive at least 40 hours before she can take her license test & 10 of those 40 have to be in the dark. I was teasing her today that she’s so nervous etc, that she’d probably end up doing 80 hours before she feels comfortable enough to go for the license!


Back home & 17 wasn’t ready to stop driving so she got the BF to take her out for more driving, 11 & 8 made chocolate chip brownies together, I mostly just called out directions & separated them when they began fighting (again) then 17 & the BF came back with her friend V & they all went upstairs to play video games, when dinner was ready they all came down & had stew & oven fresh bread & watched the movie Home for the Holidays with 11 & I. That has been one of my all time favorite movies ever since Chrissea brought it to my house on a video tape in 1997. 17 had never seen it nor had 11 or 17’s friend V. so we all enjoyed it immensely.

Now it’s off to the shower & then back to trying to keep my hard drive on my DVR from maxing out.


5 thoughts on “What I did on My Days Off…

  1. It seems you have been very busy. I am having a lazy sunday morning with a cup of tea and biscotti. After that, I will hit the pavement book bazaar.

    Michele sent me here to share my open secret with you.

  2. Of course you know I got hung up making snowflakes too! Sounds like a busy weekend so far for doing nothing. I came all the way from Canada, where Michele lives. Don’t you ever wonder who she really is and what she looks like?

  3. Hello! Michele sent me!

    That sounds like one heck of a day! Our 16 year old just got her license this past Tuesday. I don’t want to even think about her driving out there! Or with me either!

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